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Being broke on your own and being broke in a relationship are two totally different animals. When you’re broke on your own, you don’t really feel like your financial status is bringing anyone down. In fact, you can do a decent job of hiding your financial status. But when you’re in a relationship, and you’re both financially struggling, you cannot hide your money problems from each other or the world for long. Two broke people are easier to spot than one and your friends and family catch onto the fact that between the two of you, nobody can buy the plane tickets home or afford the bottle service at the birthday party. And within your relationship, you get a close look at one another’s financial realities. Here is what it’s like to be a financially struggling couple.

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Your parents question your choice in a partner

Perhaps your parents never thought they cared whether or not you had a wealthy partner…until they saw you with a financially struggling partner. Then they realize that, deep down, they always wanted you to be with somebody who could spoil you and with whom money would never be an issue. You hate that they judge your partner based on his financial status, but you also can’t blame them—they just want to protect you.



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