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Tens of thousands of breast reduction surgeries are performed in American each year. In fact, breast augmentation procedures make up the majority of invasive plastic surgery procedures—chemical peels and tissue fillers top the charts of non-invasive procedures. When a procedure is so common, it can give the illusion that it isn’t a big deal. But just because thousands of people have had breast reduction surgery doesn’t mean it isn’t a life-altering procedure that comes with risks, and side effects many people do not expect. It has its benefits, of course, too, like improved self-esteem and reduced spinal, neck and back discomfort. It’s just important to know everything if you plan on undergoing such a procedure. Here’s what nobody tells you about life after breast reduction surgery.

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You can look bigger

Proportionally speaking, you may have looked slimmer than you are, simply because your breasts were so large. Compared to your bust, your stomach may have looked small. Now that you don’t have large breasts, you don’t have a shield for your tummy and may find it sticks out a little more than you would like.







Nipple sensation decrease or increase

Breast reduction surgery can affect your nipple sensation. It may increase or decrease sensation. You’ll find out the hard way (or the good way?) a few months after surgery. Just make sure your partner knows to be ginger at first.










There could be an infection

Infection at the site of incision is quite common post-operation. Be aware of any odd coloration, fluid or pain. The infection can be easily treated, but should be treated as soon as possible.










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It affects your nursing abilities

Approximately fifty percent of women who undergo breast reduction surgery lose the ability to breastfeed. This is something to think about if you’re of the belief that a mother’s breast milk is vital to the growth and development of an infant. It’s also important if you worry about bonding with your baby via nursing.







Jogging isn’t that much easier

Some people will tell you that jogging will be so much easier after having breast reduction surgery. The unfortunate reality is that jogging isn’t fun, is pretty hard, and overall doesn’t feel amazing for anyone. We just do it. So if you were expecting jogging to suddenly be the easiest, breeziest task in the world, you’re in for a surprise.

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There can be some skin sagging

Even though your doctor will do his best to tuck and tighten the skin around your newly reduced breasts, it can still sag. If it sags too much, your doctor can later tighten it again. But wait a couple of months for your breasts to settle to determine how much sag exists.








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A whole new world or bras

There will be styles of bras and bikini tops that used to be totally off limits to you that you can finally wear! For example, those dainty, cloth-only bikinis without underwire? You can finally pick up a few of those and toss them in your bag, without worrying about folding the wiring correctly.








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Feeling invisible (in a good way)

You may be used to walking around with your guard up, knowing that everyone—men and women—was staring at you. Your large breasts were like two giant flashing lights on your body. You knew people were always aware of your bust, even if they tried not to show it. Now you can finally walk around with some anonymity.








Reduced back pain

If you suffered from back pain before, getting breast reduction surgery can help a lot. You’ll still need to stretch, get massages and possibly see a chiropractor. But healing your back pain won’t feel like such an uphill battle.









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You’ll need to shop

A lot of your clothes just won’t look right anymore. It’s not that they won’t fit, but they just won’t flatter you. You bought your wardrobe with your large breasts in mind, and now you may find it doesn’t suit you. Make sure you put some shopping money aside!






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You’ll need to re-learn your style

Speaking of shopping, you’ll have to re-learn your style. You know exactly what cuts, fabric, styles, colors, brands, and stores worked for your larger chest. You’re now going to need to re-learn all of that. The stores you used to run to may no longer carry things that will flatter your smaller chest.





The shape will change

The shape of your breasts will naturally change when you reduce the breast tissue inside. They may finally take on that tear-drop look, rather than the round, basketball shape.









You’ll still have big-boob mentality

It can take a while to fully register that you have a smaller chest. You may still walk around thinking people are staring at your large boobs or assuming men are only talking to you because of your chest. In fact, you may still think you can use your cleavage to get past the bouncer at the club. Oops!












Fewer fetish followers

Women with particularly large chests know that there are men out there who seek out and pursue women just like them, and only women just like them. Every woman with an enormous bust has had the awful experience of feeling like some creep targeted her because he has a fetish for large breasts. It’ll be nice to be off their radar.







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You’ll sleep better

Far more sleep positions will be available to you. You can sleep on your stomach and on your side. If you used to have to sleep in a bra, you can finally experience the freedom of sleeping without one.

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