Sibling Rivalry: Related Stars Who Share The Spotlight

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We know these siblings think the world of each other but just like in our everyday lives, one sibling has an up over the other. So…who’s your favorite?

Tia & Tamera

First of all, can you tell them apart? They are quick to let you know how close they are and we believe it. In fact, they both seem pretty likeable.  But come on – gotta pick one!

Venus & Serena

These ladies are the Queens of the Tennis Court. Venus seems to be the more reserve but “please don’t try me” sister and Serena is the “say something crazy if you want to” type.  If you needed some advice, though, who would you call?

Beyonce & Solange

Bey is the poised megastar Knowles (now Knowles-Carter) that you never seem to get an idea of what’s going on while Solange is the younger, lesser recognized sister who puts her feelings in her music (and maybe in her style – not sure about what’s going on there sometimes).  If you wanted to get your mind off your own troubles, who would you call too?

Brandy & Ray-J

We’ve loved her since…forever and we’ve grown up with her through good music and some drama (the fake marriage, the accident, etc…).  Ray-J is just out of control. He has no problem telling you what he’ll do to you if you test him (okay whatever, Brandy’s brother).

Eddie & Charlie Murphy

For a long time, Eddie was the only Murphy we knew but Charlie has created his own light and just might tell a better joke sometimes. Who do you love?

Toni & Tamar

We know there are more siblings but let’s just keep it with these two for a second. Toni can sing you into next week and is very confident as the “leading Braxton.” Also, thanks to their reality show, we now consider Tamar a star in her own right (would she have it any other way). You better that she thinks she is the best singing Braxton and wants to show the world.

Phylicia Rashad & Debbie Allen

We hate to make you choose here because we know – we know – how much everyone loves both of these sisters.  But we’ve got our choice…do you?

Nia Long & Sommore

Nia is one of the “sweethearts of Black Hollywood” and Sommore is a “sweetheart of Black comedy.” Though we’ve never seen them together, they both have said they share a close relationship.  (BTW-These two are rumored to be half-sisters)

Keenan & Damon Wayans

Let’s start with the fact that these two have pimped their good looking genes for the decades we’ve known them.  From comedy to television to film, Keenan and Damon have provided us with some good laughs.  But who would you rather kick it with?

LisaRaye & Da Drat

These two have totally different styles but the tongue lashing you could potentially get from both will send you back to the South side of Chicago (where they’re from).  Lisa is the more girly girl who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than white while da Brat prefers baggy clothing and her hair braided up. Got a fave here?

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