What It Actually Means To Be His Ride-Or-Die Chick

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If you take a look at some of the top hip hop songs that use the term “Ride or Die chick,” like “03 Bonnie and Clyde” by Jay-Z and Beyonce, “Down A*s B*tch” by Ja Rule and Charli Baltimore or “You’re All I Need” by Method Man and Mary J. Blige the theme behind the term is clear: when you’re someone’s ride-or-die, you’re his oxygen, his fuel, his grounding force while also his partner in crime…you get the idea. While the term may have originated in a sense to describe a woman who would support her partner in a dangerous and illicit activity, it has mellowed out a bit to describe a woman who will be by her partner’s side through all of life’s adventures, challenges, and downfalls. But that all sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? Sometimes, you don’t need to skydive into shark-infested waters to prove you’re his ride-or-die. Women in committed relationships know that this is what it really means to be his ride or die chick.


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He can drop you into any social setting

Your partner doesn’t need to worry about you having fun, or saying something you shouldn’t, in any social situation. If you go with him to a networking event, he doesn’t have to stick by your side the whole time, until you feel comfortable going off on your own. You instantly say, “I got this. Go talk to the people you need to see” and you charm the pants off that room. Your partner doesn’t need to be preoccupied with what you’re doing at all—his mind is free to have those important networking conversations. Meanwhile, you’re out there making him look good.




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You boast about his victories

If your partner has a victory, you tell the world. You announce it on social media, tagging any articles, videos or posts about it. When people ask how you are doing, you interpret that as, “How are you and your partner doing?” (because you’re a unit) and you tell them all the great things your boo has been up to. You’re essentially his free publicist.







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You shut down men who flirt with you

A lot of fickle, egotistical women will let other men flirt with them when those men know those women are taken. But the men do it in a way they can kind of get away with—they aren’t too forward—and those women like the attention. But when you are your partner’s ride or die, if a man who knows you’re taken says something even mildly flirty, you tell him then and there, “You shouldn’t talk to me like that when you know I have a boyfriend. So either talk to me respectfully or we’re done here.”





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You’ll tell the neighbors to shut up so he can nap

Your partner’s sleep is just about as precious to you as your own sleep. So if your neighbors are blasting music late at night, or having a loud dispute at 6 am, you have no problem knocking on their door and giving them the business about it. Your partner has had a busy week and he is one bad night’s sleep away from catching the flu so your neighbors need to get their sh*t in order or you’ll tell the landlord what’s up.





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You’ll create a relaxing environment for a BM

If the poor baby has been constipated, you get on the job of helping him out. You buy him prune juice, you play relaxing music, you shut yourself into the other half of the apartment so he feels he has total privacy, and you tell your friends you guys are going to be late to the bar because you’re handling business at home.




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You’ll switch plates with him

If you’re at a busy restaurant, the food took forever to get as it is, and your partner’s dish arrives but he either hates it or it contains ingredients to which he’s allergic, you’ll swap plates with him. Even if you, too, don’t really like what he got. If you can tolerate it more than he can, you’ll just eat it and give him your dish.







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You can work under any financial circumstances

If your partner tells you he got a pay cut or lost money on an investment, you help him make it work. You don’t complain or criticize him. You enthusiastically research a far more budget-friendly vacation than the one you took last year. You become a coupon whiz. You never, ever let him feel that his financial shortcoming is that—a shortcoming. You know he doesn’t need your unhappiness on top of the stress of making more money.






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You never grocery shop without him in mind

You know exactly what he likes to keep in the house, and you always have a mental list of the items he’s low on. If you’re running to the grocery store or pharmacy, you would never leave your partner’s needs off of your shopping list. And yes, you consider his favorite candy or beer a need.






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You’ll talk him down from (unreasonable) fears

When your partner is having a meltdown, doubting his abilities in his career, doubting the likelihood he’ll succeed, doubting that his colleagues respect him and so on…you don’t just leave him alone to stew. You consider it your job to get him out of this funk. You sit with him, talk him through things, and remind him of every instance that proves all of those fears are unfounded.






You guard him from annoying and negative people

In life, there are people you are forced to interact with who are—to put it simply—intolerable. They always leave you in a bad mood. They’re rude, negative, or just too much. But just because you have to interact with them because they’re your family or your coworker, doesn’t mean your partner has to.







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You secretly arrange for him to be more comfortable

You know your partner does not want to seem high maintenance but you also know there are certain things your partner needs in order to be comfortable when he travels. So you secretly call your parents before you and boo visit them and ask them to vacuum the guest room since he’s allergic to the cat hair. And you secretly ask your mom to buy almond milk because your partner is lactose intolerant but you know if there is no almond milk, he’ll drink regular milk to be a hero.






You tell him when he’s being a big baby

When you must, you tell your partner when he is straight up wrong. You tell him when he’s being lazy, when he’s doing the wrong thing, when he’s messing up, and when he’s doing something he’ll later regret. You tell him this even if it means he’ll be mad at you for a while. You don’t mind being the bad guy for a minute—you just want what’s best for your partner.







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You don’t let anyone bad mouth him

Sometimes people think they can make a sly remark at your partner’s expense. They misunderstood what kind of partner you are. You don’t take pleasure in teasing your partner behind his back. If someone tries this with you, you lay down the law. You do this even if their criticism of your partner is correct. You’re not going to talk behind your partner’s back, plain and simple. (Okay except with maybe your mom or your best friend).





If he’s excited about it, you get in the zone

If your partner is super excited about something, you get in the zone to match his excitement. Even if you aren’t quite there yet yourself, you do your best to put on a face and share in his excitement. You know how much more fun everything is when your partner is just as on board as you are.






You consider him in your decisions

If a job would require you to work long hours or move, you think about your relationship before taking it. If a friend asks to sleep in your guest room for a week, you think about how that will affect your partner’s routines before answering. If you’ve reached some level of fame and the media always wants you to bring your partner to press events, you never pressure him—you think about whether or not he’d actually enjoy that more than whether or not it would benefit your career.

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