How His Friends Treat You When They Know You’re The One

July 5, 2017  |  
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If your boyfriend has good friends, then they’ll at least make the effort to be cordial with you, be nice to you, and show a respectful amount of interest in you. If you think about it, most of your previous boyfriends’ friends were kind to you, but they can’t possibly have all thought that their buddy would end up with you. So just because your partner’s pals include you in conversation and bring his and her drinks when they come to your home, doesn’t necessarily mean they believe your boyfriend will one day meet you at the end of an isle with a minister. When your boyfriend’s friends know you’re the one, the way they treat you transforms entirely and it feels amazing. Here is how his friends treat you when they know you’re the one.


They’ll hang with you, without him

If his friends know you’re alone for a big holiday because your partner has to work, they go out of their way to include you in their plans—even if your boyfriend won’t be there. They don’t solely hang out with you when your boyfriend is there.









They side with you

If they witness you and your boyfriend arguing, they tend to take your side. They’ll even tell your boyfriend to apologize to you, or that he messed up. Honestly, they probably like you a little more than they like their friend at this point.









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You’re in on the pranks

When your boyfriend’s friends plan a prank on him (like kidnapping him from work to take him to Vegas for his birthday) you’re included in the prank. You’re included in the email threads weeks before the prank, and asked to be a part of the planning. That means they don’t see you as some hindrance or authority figure in his life—they see you as one of the fellas.






They add you to the group text

The day after an epic night of partying, his friends include you on the group text where they recap everything. They send funny pictures they took of you the night before, ask how that sweater is doing that you accidentally dropped in the toilet and so on. When they want to relive a fun night you all spent together, they relive it with you.








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They want to plan for the future

They become genuinely excited talking about things that all of you, as a group, should do one day. Maybe the friend group goes to the mountains each year to ski, and they start talking about the bars you would love and the shops you would love. They’ve even designated a room in the cabin for you and your partner. When they see future plans, they see you in them.








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They invite you on double dates

Finding a couple you love to socialize with as a couple is tough. Keep that in mind when your boyfriend’s good friend, and his girlfriend, start asking the two of you to go on double dates regularly. Look at it this way: your boyfriend’s buddy has to hang out with his friends’ girlfriends. He’d rather those double dates happened with you and your boo than any other couple.








They want to see you on guy’s night

If you live with your boyfriend, and he hosts guy’s night at your place, his friends want to see you. You’ve vowed to stay in the bedroom and watch Netflix so they could have the run of the place, but throughout the night, the guys keep popping their head in, wanting to chat with you. They even invite you out to join guy’s night.








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They often crash on your couch

At the end of a boy’s night out, there is almost always one (if not several) guy sleeping on your couch, or crashing in the guest room. That means that your home has been deemed the safe place—the place where they can pass out, eat the snacks, and not get yelled at.









Your apartment is the favorite for guy’s night

Guy’s night always seems to take place at the apartment you share with your boyfriend. This is the highest form of flattery among male friend groups. This means they know you won’t be offended by any of the jokes you hear, and they really just feel like you’re in on all their banter. They don’t feel they need to censor themselves around you.





They tease you perfectly

First off, if your boyfriend’s friends tease you then you’re in. But if they tease you really well, with detailed information they’ve gathered about you by paying close attention, that means you are really in. Teasing, in a male friend group, is also a high compliment.










They praise you when they’re drunk

Whenever his friends get drunk, they become very sentimental. Each one will pull you aside to tell you you’re their favorite girlfriend so far, how they’ve never seen their friend so happy, and how you two better get married or else they’ll be very disappointed. Guys do not do this for every girlfriend who comes along.




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They consider you when choosing a restaurant

If you are playing third wheel to your boyfriend and his buddy who are hanging out, because your plans got canceled, his friend includes you as if you were part of the original plan. His friend refuses to let any of you go anywhere until you’ve agreed on a place where you will be happy.





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They warn him to treat you right

Your boyfriend’s friends don’t warn you to treat him right. Oh no—they warn him to treat you right. If he so much as says one slightly mean thing to you, they step in, call him out, and warn him he better watch it. Really, they treat you like a little sister.









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They start inside jokes with you

When guys start building inside jokes with you that means they plan on seeing you for a very long time. And if they can laugh with you, that’s a great sign. If they start sending you funny videos and memes, related to the joke, unprompted, then they love you.








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They ask you to set them up

Want a clear sign your boyfriend’s friends adore you? They ask you to set them up with your girlfriends! They assume your friends are similar to you, and they like you so much that they’d be happy to date somebody like you.

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