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Every single one of us – at least once – has stepped outside the house lookin’ like we slapped some weather-worn roadkill on top our heads and called it a day.

Hey, it happens – humidity, tardiness, or just plain ol’ laziness can get the best of your tresses. “Don’t judge me,” you mutter as you go about your day disrespecting our eyes with your bad hair day. Oh, but don’t worry, we’re all definitely judging you.

Here are 10 hair pet peeves – and I guarantee that you’ve committed at least one of these faux pas – that drive us all up the wall.

1. Disproportionate Dutch Braids

Done well, this woven hairstyle would be called Dutch Braids or French Braids, but I don’t know what one would call these lopsided plaits because they’re clearly not even speaking the same language.

2. Naughty Nape Hair

Not sure if you’ve ever heard of these but, you know, I hear a little somethin’ called, ahem, bobby pins work wonders for these types of situations. Just sayin’!

3. Bad Blending

“Sew in the silkiest, shiniest grade of weave, 1A preferably, to your kinky 4C hair because – of course – both of these textures blend so seamlessly together. It’s not like anyone will notice!” said by no one ever.

And if it has been said to you, cut this hater out of your life quick!  They’re not a true friend and they don’t want to see you win.

4. FOB (Fresh-Out-the-Bag) Wigs

If you want to strut around town with unflattering, unrealistic parting, then by all means, plop that wig on your head – fresh out the bag – and don’t customize it at all. But if you want a more natural look, pluck the hell out of that part ’til it stops looking like a Lois Griffin cosplay wig.

No shade, Lois.


5. Weighty Weaves

Ever see a woman with so much weave piled on to her head, you wonder if the weight of the hair will make her tip over? I get it, though. Sometimes, it gets cold AF in these winter months and you need a big hair hat to keep you warm. As for those who do this in the summer, I don’t know how they have not died of heat exhaustion yet.


6. Big and Bold Wiggy Baby Hairs

Some people miss the whole concept of baby hairs and they just slather down adult lookin’ a** wig strands for a look that only FKA Twigs can pull off.


7. Thin Hair, Thick Ponytail

This wonky hairstyle is quite unsettling if you think about it. It’s as if her thin, barely-there hair strands suddenly decided to “get its life” at the crown and plunge into a thick AF ponytail that looks like it came out of nowhere. One yank of that ponytail and it seems like the rest of her hair could be flying off with it!

8. Egregious Ends

Look at those raggedy ends! They are old AF and ready to crawl into their hairball graves. And yet, there are people who are clinging to these stringy things for dear life. But I suppose length is more important to some than snipping off those frayed, tragic, see-through hair tips. God help us all.

9. Lace Front Buns


I know we all crave versatility with our units but …


10. The Telltale Twist

You ever see a beautiful woman step out with a bomb-a** twist out and then- dun dun dun! – she forgot to unravel a few twists? Yikes! Doesn’t hurt to do a “touch test” before leaving the house.

11. Tacky Tendrils

I mean, we all get what they’re trying to do. You know, the whole sweetheart updo with some pretty-lookin’ wispy strands pulled out in all the right places. But for some reason, they just yank these oversized, too-damn-big tendrils over their ears, and – well – if they’re going for the clown of the year award, congratulations, they’ve certainly got my nomination.

Any other hair pet peeves that get under your skin?

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