Summer Habits That Are Bad For Your Vagina

June 6, 2017  |  
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Your va-jay-jay gets out a bit more in the summer. No—not in that way. Although, your sex life is your prerogative and if the summer heat gets you hot, just be safe out there! But for now, I’m talking about the fact that you start wearing skirts, dresses, shorts and bathing suits. You don’t have as much fabric and as many layers protecting your lady parts as you do in the winter and fall. In some ways, this can be a good thing, since the synthetic leggings we wear when it’s cold out aren’t great for our downstairs region. But, the moment you start hitting the beach, hopping in pools and sitting on public benches in itty, bitty shorts, you put your vagina at risk of some health hazards. So be careful out there. Here are summer habits that are bad for your va-jay-jay.


Having sex after waxing

As we already know, your pores are wide open after hair removal. When you have sex with someone, any bacteria on or even around their genitals can get on you. If you have open pores, you could be more prone to infections and even STD’s caused by skin-on-skin contact.








Failing to swap razors

Since you’re spending more time in a bathing suit, you likely shave down south more than ever in the summer. That means you should be swapping out your razors more frequently, too. The longer a used razor hangs out in the shower, the more likely it is to rust and a rusty razor is not safe for your va-jay-jay.







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Keeping your tampon in too long

You should swap out your tampon even more frequently on days you go swimming. Bacteria from the pool or ocean could linger in your tampon, and that means it lingers in your vagina. Take out your tampon immediately when you’re done taking a dip.








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Wearing liners

Liners designed for thongs may come in handy during the summer when you wear teeny thongs with your teeny shorts. But ultra-thin liners designed for thongs tend to move around more than full-sized pads, possibly introducing fecal matter to your sensitive vagina.









Wearing tight shorts

Daisy Dukes are back in fashion! And they should’ve never left if you ask us. That being said, they tend to rise high, pulling denim up into your va-jay-jay. This gives your vagina little room to breathe. Make sure you purchase shorts that are loose enough so your vagina can get some air.







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Sitting in your bathing suit

No matter how inconvenient it may be, you need to bring dry underwear with you to the beach and change into them after swimming. Sitting in a wet bathing suit is like creating a hot bed for a yeast infection.









You sit in sweaty bottoms

After running errands all day, you may not even realize you got sweaty down there. But when the temperature rises, you’re sweating a little throughout the day. When you get home, to your nice air conditioned room, change out of your sweaty bottoms so you don’t get a yeast infection.






Wearing all thongs

While a lot of summer outfits lend themselves to thongs, wear your full panties loud and proud. Thongs shift around, dragging fecal matter from the back to the front. They also don’t tend to fully cover up the vagina.









Drinking sugary cocktails

It’s the season for blue and pink drinks topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries. But drinking too much sugar can put you at risk of developing a yeast infection, so stick to beer and vodka sodas.







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Wearing pads too long

When temperatures rise, you need to change pads more than you normally would. Pads can trap humidity and moisture—two things you don’t want your va-jay-jay sitting in if you don’t want a yeast infection on your hands.









Trying to smell good

Since your vagina will be a little closer to the outside world, covered by nothing but a bathing suit, you may feel the urge to douche. But that will throw off your pH balance. That is true all year long, but in the summer, between swimming and sweating, your pH balance is already at risk.






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Failing to dry after a shower

It’s hard to believe that the shower could do anything bad for your vagina, but it’s important that you are completely dry down there before putting any fabric on. Any trapped moisture, including plain old H2O, is bad for your va-jay-jay. Air or towel dry properly before getting dressed after a shower.







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Wearing shapewear

You can’t hide under layers of sweaters and jackets now, so if there are any few extra pounds you want to tuck away, you may do so with shapewear. The problem with shapewear is that, since it’s so tough to take off, many women hold their bladder when they need to go. But holding your bladder puts you at risk of UTIs.

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