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There is no easy way to say this but, nobody likes an overeactor. Most people you meet already have enough trouble calming their own insecurities, anxieties, and worst-case scenarios; they don’t need an outside voice making things seem worse than they are. Being someone who overreacts can affect every area of your life. It could cause you to bring emotions into business meetings and make professional matters personal. It could cause you to throw a fit at family dinners any time you find out someone is making a change you don’t approve of. Fortunately, your family will always forgive you. As for your work, hopefully, you’re so indispensable that your colleagues forgive your overreacting. But if you are an over-reacter, it is likely particularly holding you back in the dating department. The men you date may not forgive your outbursts the way your family does. Do you overreact and is it keeping you single?

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Do you expect immediate responses?

If someone takes a moment to think about their answer when you ask them a question in person, you automatically assume they are lying, or you jump down their throat for not knowing information. Furthermore, if someone takes more than an hour to reply to a text or call, you require an explanation as to why, before you can even continue the conversation.




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Do you condemn small omissions of information?

If a date tells you about a second, side job he has, but only mentioned his main form of employment online, you assume he lies about major information. He may have just forgotten to mention the side job, or wanted to keep his dating profile brief.






Do you take criticism poorly?

If someone simply suggests you use olive oil instead of canola oil when cooking, or that you try using this font instead of that one on professional emails, you feel that they are calling you incompetent and dumb.








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Do you see things in black and white?

If a man dates while he is separated but not yet divorced, you condemn him as dishonest and philanderous. If a man is still friends with his ex, you believe he still has feelings for her and won’t acknowledge any other information on the matter.







Do you have to apologize often?

You often have to apologize for saying hurtful things. Sometimes you feel like you have no control over your emotions, and when words come out of your mouth, you wonder, “Who just said that?”







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Do you suffer from panic attacks?

If you suffer from panic attacks there is a very good chance that you overreact. Overreactors often accelerate bad situations, assuming the worst will happen or is happening.




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Is everyone guilty until proven innocent?

You’re rather cold and standoffish to most new people. You need someone to win you over before you show them much kindness. That is not a very welcoming disposition.




Do you burn bridges?

There are several people who you simply could not call up for a recommendation or a referral because you’ve done and said things in the heat of emotions that you cannot undo or unsay.










Do people flinch when sharing bad news?

When someone has to share bad news with you—like a date needs to push back dinner an hour—they flinch, as if they’re bracing themselves for impact. (The impact of your overreaction).







Do people tiptoe around you?

People constantly ask you if everything’s okay, if you need anything, and if they did something wrong. Men you date ask, “Are you mad?” often because, well, you’re often mad. But you get mad about such tiny matters that they couldn’t possibly guess why you’re mad, so they just have to ask.






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Do you hold onto your mistakes?

You are very hard on yourself. If you make a mistake, you don’t want to make another attempt at the task again, and you reprimand yourself for days. You see mistakes as reflective of your overall character.








Do you struggle to forgive people?

Struggling to forgive someone is a form of overreacting. It means you are still reacting to something they did, long after they did it.








Do you have high blood pressure?

People with high blood pressure tend to be overreactors. When you don’t have effective ways of managing your emotions and responses, your body pays for it.








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Are you a hypochondriac?

If you assume the worst about your health then you likely assume the worst about a man who takes half a day to text you back, or about seeing a man you’re dating having coffee with another woman.




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Do people often tell you that you overreact?

People who you consider very mature, calm and respectable have told you that you overreact. When you then overreacted to the accusation, they did not pull back and they did not take back what they said.

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