Signs She’s About To Leave If You Don’t Fix Things

April 20, 2017  |  
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Life gets busy, and it can be hard to tend to your relationship. Everybody is guilty of allowing their personal life to fall to the wayside from time to time, especially when work becomes particularly demanding or you’re under a lot of stress. But, if you think of your relationship like a living thing, then if you neglect it for too long, it can just die and there’s not a chance of bringing it back to life. That being said, if things with your partner have been on the rocks lately, and she starts exhibiting certain signs, no matter what is going on in your life, if this relationship matters to you, put everything aside and tend to it. Because this thing is about to flat line. Here are signs she is going to leave you very soon if you don’t fix things.


She stops inviting you along

In case you’ve forgotten, she used to invite you along to the gym, to brunch with her friends, to lectures she was attending…and now she has just stopped. Why? Because she has a better time when you aren’t around. Your company no longer enhances an experience for her.



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She stays out later

Remember the days when she’d text you, letting you know she was paying the bill, getting in the cab, almost home…because she couldn’t wait to see you?! Now she doesn’t say when she’ll be back, and usually sneaks in after you’ve gone to bed.





She’s been looking at rentals…

You may or may not have peeked at her laptop and noticed that she’s been checking out apartments in other areas—but she hasn’t spoken to you about wanting the two of you to move.






She doesn’t tell you about her day anymore

When you ask what happened during her day, she says, “Not much” or “Nothing special.” But she used to give you a twenty-minute recap with vivid details and act-outs. Things happened during her day, she just doesn’t think you listen very well anymore and doesn’t feel like telling you.

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Sex has stopped, and she doesn’t care

There was a time when, if you both got busy and couldn’t have sex for a couple of weeks, she’d say something about it. Now, you can go several weeks without having sex and she doesn’t even bring it up.






Her friends seem less invested in you

When her friends stop by, they keep conversations short with you. This happens because she’s been complaining to them about you, and suggesting she might leave you, so why should they invest in a friendship with you?




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She talks to her mom a lot

If your partner doesn’t usually call her mom every day, and just recently began to do so, then she is probably calling her to complain about her relationship with you.


She goes on a walk when she talks to her mom

If your partner goes on a walk when she talks to her mom or friends on the phone, then she is absolutely complaining about her relationship with you.







She is barely affectionate

Think about it: when was the last time you came home and she jumped up from what she was doing to give you a big hug and a kiss? Hint: it should be yesterday! It certainly shouldn’t be weeks ago.





She eats alone and goes to bed before you

She no longer texts you to see when you’ll be home, and try to coordinate your schedules so you can have dinner together. When you get home, she’s already eaten and she’s in bed.






She’s given up on the usual fights

The topics that used to really grind her gears now leave her silent and passive. Why? Because she’s about to be outta there! Why should she waste energy fighting?




And started picking petty ones

Since she knows she is probably leaving you, being around you another minute is starting to irritate her. So now she is picking arguments about the pettiest things—it seems you can’t do anything right.



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She’s improving herself

People should always be improving themselves, but if it seems like she’s aiming to become a whole new person, getting a new wardrobe, taking up five night classes, going to the gym, reading self-help books….she’s scheming to go.




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She’s boozing more

She didn’t used to drink on weeknights, but now she has a drink or two every night. This is either to drown the pain she feels in this relationship, or to manifest some sort of feeling because she is numb now.





You haven’t laughed together in a while

That’s a loud and clear sign she’s about to take off. Laughter flows in a relationship when the communication is good, when you’re affectionate and when you feel close. If you haven’t laughed together in a long time, then your relationship is in major need of resuscitation.

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