Why Men Don’t Want Girlfriends Like Women In Adult Videos

April 7, 2017  |  
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When women find out their partners are watching adult videos regularly, it can stir up a lot of thoughts and discussions. In some relationships, it causes fights; in others, women aren’t surprised at all and know that they can’t satisfy all of their partner’s fantasies. Then there are the women who think, “Maybe I should just be like his favorite adult film star—then he won’t even need to watch that stuff!” Not so fast. Do you want your partner to be like your favorite movie character? Or like the models with 12-pack abs who give rather vapid interviews in men’s fitness magazines? Not likely. They satisfy a very small sliver of your desires and fantasies; you’re with your partner because he is the whole package. He probably feels the same way about you, too. So before you begin researching saline versus silicone implants, you should know there are a lot of reasons men don’t want their girlfriends to be like their favorite adult stars.

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They don’t have the stamina

Real men don’t have the stamina to have sex for as long as and as frequently as male adult stars do! Come on; your guy sweats going up the stairs to your apartment. He can’t handle it if you raise the sex bar to adult star status.





They don’t even know all the moves

Real men also can’t pull off all of the moves adult stars do. If you try to have that type of sex with your partner, he’ll probably pull a muscle or irritate a disc in his back.





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They don’t want too many men gawking

As for looking like a woman in the videos, most men don’t want the stares, whispers and unsolicited photo-taking that come with dating a woman with huge breasts, tons of makeup, enormous hair and revealing clothing.



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You’ll take too long to get ready

Do you have any idea how long an adult star’s beauty regiment is? Your partner doesn’t want to wait for you to blow dry, straighten then curl your hair and do full beauty-pageant makeup, just to go to lunch.




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They don’t want to accidentally harm you

Some of the things those video stars let male stars do to them just aren’t safe for civilians. Your partner doesn’t really want to use a melon on you in that way for fear of a hospital visit.




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They don’t want makeup all over the sheets

Men don’t like doing laundry any more than the rest of the world, so they don’t want your midnight blue eye shadow and caked-on foundation to leave a Rorschach masterpiece all over their sheets after sex.


Plastic surgery is expensive

If you’re thinking of going that far, your partner would rather the two of you spent that money on vacation together or a down payment on a home!








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Plastic surgery can be dangerous

Huge boobs and full lips are nice, sure, but would your partner trade those for you being alive? Or for you losing sensation in your face and/or chest? Probably not.





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They like that you’re sweet and strong

Adult video stars are usually either super submissive or super dominant. But your partner likes that your personality is a perfect harmony of both those traits—he doesn’t want you talking in a baby voice exclusively or yelling at him in bed exclusively.




They like the challenge of wooing you

All you have to do is show up to get at porn star super turned on. But men don’t want things to come that easily—they know that isn’t realistic, and want to know they’ve actually impressed you.




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Men don’t even want to have sex all of the time

If you revved up your sex drive to the level of adult video star, your partner wouldn’t even be able to keep up with you. While men like the idea of being super-sexual, most of them just want to cuddle and eat half the time.

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They don’t trust the noises

The loud moans, the ecstatic screams, the enormous praise—they know you don’t really sound like that when you orgasm. If you start getting over-the-top with your orgasm sounds, your partner will think you’re just faking it.

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They don’t really want to defile your face

You make your partner breakfast in the morning; you came with him to his uncle’s funeral; you but Bengay on his butt after he bruised his tailbone. When he looks at your loving, caring face, he doesn’t think, “I’d like to cover that with cum.”




A lot of men aren’t interested in anal

While most adult stars can’t have a career without doing anal, and a lot of men watch anal scenes, most real men don’t really want to have anal. Maybe they’d like to try it once or twice but they don’t want it on the menu as often as it is in adult movies.




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They care about hygiene

While it may look like adult stars put every orifice on every orifice without concern about hygiene, the camera operator actually pauses so people can get some Purell and clean their mouths. Your partner does not want you to abandon hygiene the way adult stars apparently do.














Oral pressure

If you’re going to start giving as many blow jobs as porn stars do, then you just put pressure on your partner to go down on you a lot, too. And he isn’t quite up to that challenge.







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They know you’re multi-faceted

The thing about adult stars is that the men who watch them know nothing of their lives outside of the sex scene, so they can just focus on the sex. Meanwhile, your partner knows you have a lot going on in your life, so he can’t just get lost in sex if he knows you’re stressed about work or an upcoming doctor’s visit—no matter how much you act like an adult video star.




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The outfits look silly in real life

Schoolgirl skirts that reveal half your tush and sexy nurse costumes are great for occasional role play, but if you wore those every time you had sex (like adult stars do), your partner would start to giggle.








You’ll ruin their favorite flicks

Your partner likes that the adult flicks he watches are separate from his real life. If you start trying to recreate it, then there will be no separation of fantasy and reality—in a bad way.

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