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I’m convinced that women hold secret meetings in the middle of the forest somewhere on some Harry Potter tip discussing what turns men on. The only problem is the leader of the meeting usually resembles the wicked witch of the Wild West, not only in appearance but in demeanor as well.

So let me break down a few trends I’ve noticed amongst women that they think are cute but in reality, they’re doing too much. And please don’t give me the typical “men do it too”defense. Stop comparing yourselves to the lesser actions that men or other women do and step above the fray. Comparing down is never a win, now let’s get it on!

Too tipsy
There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks but I’m tired of the belligerent drunk friend who gets loud and stumbles out the club, falls down, cries about how miserable her life is, only to do the same thing next weekend. It’s not always this extreme, some ladies just start talking pure bullShyte when they get too faded and wonder why no one wants to hold a decent conversation with them. Sweetheart, you’re drunk and I’m tired of you telling me how great your wack A$$ job is that you actually hate. What?!? Exactly. Sober up.

Bourgeoisie attitudes
I love “A Different World,” love me some Whitley but I think I love how Whitley evolved out of the spoiled, pretentious brat, I sure as hell don’t miss uppity Whitley. So the bourgeois ladies who walk around with their noses stuck up in the air can miss me with their “better than thou” attitude. Often these are the same women clutching their pillow and vibrator at night wishing some man would give them the time of day. Hey love, change your attitude and maybe someone would be interested.

The Flirties
You ever meet a flirty? The type of woman who flirts too damn hard and winds up turning the fellas off? Yeah, don’t be that woman. It’s cute all right, it gives men and women alike a good laugh at home girl flirting with any and everybody but no one seems interested.

Holier than thou
Shout out to the women praising the Lord on Sunday. God knows I love a good church woman. However, I have a true disdain for the hypocrite church types, both men and women. You know the types I’m talking about. Those who think they’re going to get to heaven faster by playing kiss up with the pastor and scolding all their friends about the sinful lives they’re living. You do know that this is the same woman getting tossed up by the gay dude in the choir whose afraid to tell his family that he likes one of his fellow choir boys. That ish ain’t cute, keep the judgment to yourself, thanks.

Think like a lady, act like a man

Who came up with this stupid idea anyway? Oh I remember, it was that relationship guru Steve Harvey who has a PhD in broken relationships. Why would you listen to that nonsense? There’s been a shift in the past 20 years where women have taken on the “negative” characteristics of men and their whorish ways. I’m not trying to police anyone’s desires but understand that when you’re out in the world sleeping around to no end and saying you’re just doing what men do, doesn’t make your behavior, or theirs, right. For some reason women have started to think it’s cute to make the same trifling mistakes that men make. It’s not!

I know I missed a few, what are some things women do that they think is cute that turns you off?

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