8 Men Who Make Androgynous Work

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Prince can strut in a pair of 4” boots better than most supermodels and I know, B. Scott’s lovely locks are the envy of female hair follicles across the continent.  They’re the men whose talent we admire, whose fashion sense we respect, and whose tough talk but tender taste makes them stand out from the rest.  They’re the men who make androgyny work and we don’t care half as much about whom they are attracted to as much as we care about how attractive their style is.

1.  Prince

Prince has always tip-toed along the thin line of feminine and masculine style in stilettos that are about as high as his 4 octave vocal range.  Choosing to rock ruffled blouses and crushed velvet in shades of purple that rival the passion in his lyrics, Prince threw a bit of color into the rock and roll game long before Lil’ Wayne was shopping for leopard jeggings.

2.  Lenny Kravitz

Flamboyant and fierce, both Lenny Kravitz and his closet are the secret craving in many women’s fantasies.  Mr. Kravitz knows how to test the limits of fashion without throwing himself over the edge. He makes grunge look glamorous by sporting combinations of distressed denim, fringe jackets and dark shades. And before you fellas throw shade, keep in mind this is the same man who bagged Denise Huxtable.  Nuff’ said.

3.  B. Scott

The “B” perfectly honest B. Scott rocks femininity fiercer than most females and first glance I found myself questioning his gender.  After quickly
becoming a fan of his authenticity on the popular www.lovebscott.com, I just as quickly became unconcerned with what was going on below as I became infatuated with what was going on above as B. Scott is often photographed with a head full of long, shiny hair. Before premiering the “The B. Scott Show” on The Foxxhole in April of 2010, Jamie Foxx was once quoted as saying B. Scott looked like “a cross between Prince, Rosario Dawson and Lenny Kravitz.”

 4.  Miss J.

You might find J. Alexander (aka Miss J) ripping the runway with sarcasm in a pair of 5” heels, teaching twirling techniques to “Top Model” hopefuls  or serving up some sincere fashion advice with a side of sass.  And although Tyra Banks herself coined him the “Queen of the Catwalk”, when it comes to runaway coaching, Miss J. has the fashion game in checkmate.

5.  Andre Leon Talley

Another member of team “Top Model” Andre Leon Talley is the former editor-at-large for Vogue magazine and served on the judging panel of the CW network’s “America’s Next Top Model” for the past four cycles. You can catch Mr. Talley in everything from fuzzy fur hats and three-piece suits to regal robes fit for a king.  Rest assured that his ensemble is always cutting edge and the farthest thing from “dreckitude.”

6.  David Bowie

He may forever live in my childhood heart as Jareth, the King of the Goblins, but the truth is David Bowie was a fashion icon long before the days of Labyrinth.  Throughout the years Bowie has coined several signature looks including the “Thin White Duke” personae of the 1970’s to the “English
Gentleman” of the 1980’s.  Bowie’s clothes aren’t solely props for characters he creates, but representative of the different points-of-view that reside within him. He stands as a true definition of glam rock and oh yeah, he bagged a banger too in the form of Somali-American fashion model, Iman.

7.  Adam Lambert

Inspired by the band Queen and one of the androgynous icons on our list, David Bowie, Adam Lambert slowly rose to fame becoming the runner-up on Season 8 of American Idol.  Acid-wash, tight leather, black nail polish and python print are just some of the staples of Adam’s wardrobe who was once credited as the “male Lady Gaga”.  (I adored his guest appearance on a recent episode of Project Runaway where I caught him trading glances with one of my fav designers, Joshua McKinley!)

8.  Bret Michaels

That flaxen blonde hair, those cobalt blue eyes, and let’s not forget that pouty pink mouth.  No I’m not talking about Cameron Diaz or Taylor Swift, I am talking about the “Rock of Love “himself, Brett Michaels.  Long before he was sporting red bandannas, Wet & Wild pink lipstick and black eyeliner and had morally-questionable women making fools of themselves for his affection on national TV, he was lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison.

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