10 Reasons Why A Bad Man Hurts A Good Woman

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You put a lot into your relationship – only to get handed a heartbreak. Your friends and family warned you about Mr. Right being Mr. Wrong – but you couldn’t get enough of his loving. Now that the relationship is over – it all makes sense. You saw the red flags and you saw the warning signs. It is time to move on, but not without some very hard lessons. Take a peek at these 10 signs that your bad man just can’t handle the good in you.

He Is Insecure

Men who struggle with their manhood love to project their shortcomings on their women. Examples include; killing their career dreams, downplaying their plans for a family, or even their dream wedding. Insecure men hardly change – their weaknesses will always pop out – especially when a woman has something good going for herself.

He Comes From An Abusive Household

Truly the lamest of them all…Men who witness abuse growing up – often abuse the ones they so call love. Before things really escalate -talk to your partner and get some insight into their childhood. If he talks historically about abuse, chances are the practice has become a norm for him.

He Is Emotionally Unavailable

Sometimes we think a man with a blank personality is mysterious. Often we are up for the chase and determined to crack their shell. If he calls sporadically or is slow with the communication – we look at that as some sign of busyness. In our minds – maybe he’s working late or maybe he is tired. It’s easy for us to spend a lot of time thinking of ways to reel him in. Stop right there. Emotionally unavailable men are not available for the relationship. Any type of crowding puts them at a distance. The distance he is giving you is his type of normal – not yours.



He Was Hurt By A Good Woman

Behind most men is a woman who got tired of their shit.  On the surface, they may look good and smell great – but on the inside – that is another story. Sometimes a man is cruel because the one he loved left him. In many cases, the hurt he feels is projected on you. Men like this convince themselves that they will never love again – and if they do – the new woman has to over-prove their worth. Trust us ladies, it’s hardly ever worth the headache.

He Is Spiritually Broke

A man who doesn’t believe in the higher power, will probably never believe in you. With no spiritual foundation, it is hard to connect to a woman who walks in faith.

He Is Financially F#$#!

We all know this story – the man who just can’t seem to get his life together. Because he is facing a financial turmoil, he feels the need to take out his pressures in the world. We all have financial setbacks from time to time – but a man who never seems to get it together is more of a burden than a blessing.

He Can’t Let Go Of His Mama

No need to dig too deep. A man who is obsessed with his mama and feels no woman could and will ever compare to her will always be on the attack – especially if she is active in your dating life.

He Is Missing A Few Screws

Mental illness is a topic that we love to sweep under the rug. We can’t say that people who suffer from depression or some sort of illness like bipolar disorder can’t fall in love – however, we must note that the journey will be challenging. There will be days when your partner is totally withdrawn or saddened and there will be days when they are high on life. Dating a man who is mentally unstable comes with a host of issues, so you can’t be upset if you feel hurt from time to time.

He Is A Serial Cheater

We all know about the serial cheater who just can’t settle down. This man claims that when he finds the one – his doggy days will be behind him. The sad part is – he said that in his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Hang it up ladies, he is a walking heartbreak-driven my his head below.

He Is Battling With Being A Bachelor

Oh ladies, are you stuck with a man that still has posters on his wall or beer cans all over his living room? This type of man is still self-centered. He is still living as if he is in college – so imagine how he thinks. When a man is ready to show a woman what he is made of – it will be reflected by his environment. Check back for this man in about 5 years.

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