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Rosie and Villa

The Fox forensic procedural series Rosewood is gearing up for its second season, premiering on September 22. Starring the always sexy Morris Chestnut in his primetime debut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Rosie for short, the series cast includes the incomparable Lorraine Toussaint as Rosie’s mother, Donna, Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy, and Jaina Lee Ortiz as Detective Annalise Villa. Rosewood and Villa have an unmistakable chemistry, but they haven’t exactly been able to push past their own issues to fully seal the deal. Their budding relationship is certainly something to look forward to in Season 2. But that’s not the only reason you should tune in. Read on for some secrets behind the making of Rosewood.


Pilot Episode

The pilot episode aside, every episode of Rosewood has an alliterative title: “Fireflies and Fidelity” (episode 2), “Vandals and Vitamins” (episode 4), “Fashionistas and Fasciitis” (episode 9), and so on.

Rosewood scar

Shirt, Please

Chestnut had a talk with Rosewood writers because he felt like he was taking his shirt off a little too much for the show. He felt doing so would make less of an impact, plus he wanted to be able to eat doughnuts every once in a while.

Image: FayesVision/

Image: FayesVision/

Help from Dad

Jaina Lee Ortiz’s father is a New York City homicide detective. She definitely channels him while playing Detective Villa, and she also turns to him for advice (or to ask questions) when she needs help with a scene.



Tia Mowry

Tia guest starred on Rosewood as Cassie, an ex-girlfriend of Pippy. She prepared for the role, which she will reprise in season 2, by focusing on her character’s homeless teen backstory.

Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

Why Morris Chestnut Said “Yes” to Beaumont

Chestnut was immediately attracted to the Rosewood pilot script. He felt that Beaumont was smart, witty and empathetic, and generally had a lot of characteristics that he could respect. He was pleasantly surprised that the script was consistent from start to finish.


What Morris Chestnut Loves About the Cast

Chestnut appreciates the depth of the characters on Rosewood. Any of the characters aside from his own can have an episode completely focused on them, and that’s one of the many things he loves about the show.

Image: Winston Burris/

Image: Winston Burris/

Morris Chestnut on Lorraine Toussaint

Chestnut has referred to Toussaint as one of the top three actresses he’s ever worked. He said that she’s “colorful,” “emotional,” and “rich in talent.”

Image: FayesVision/

Image: FayesVision/

Best Man Co-Stars

Taye Diggs appeared on Rosewood as Villa’s love interest. Is there hope for other Best Man stars to appear on the show? Chestnut hasn’t ruled it out. In fact, if any of his co-stars wanted to join the show’s cast, Chestnut would go to the writer’s room and say, “We need to make this happen!”


Writers’ Room

One of the questions that Lorraine Toussaint asked when she first started with Rosewood was what does the writers’ room look like? “That’s very telling,” she’s been quoted as saying. The writers’ room is very diverse, with Black, Latino, White, straight and gay writers – something that Toussaint applauds Rosewood creator Todd Harthan for.


Big Love

Toussaint was anxious to play a different kind of character, one who exhibited the kind of “big love” she’s been experiencing in her own personal life as of late. She wanted to love big in her work as well, which is why she said yes to playing Donna, a fiercely loyal and loving mother.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock


Rosewood is set in Miami, but that doesn’t mean the show is actually filmed there. Anyone familiar with the city of Anaheim in Orange County, Calif., might recognize certain locations like Boysen Park and the historic Colony District.

Rosie yellow car

The Color Yellow

Rosie is forever an optimist, hence the reason his beloved vehicle, a vintage Pontiac GTO, is yellow, the color people think of when they think optimism.

Image: Charlie Steffens/

Image: Charlie Steffens/

Season 2

Who’s the latest newcomer to join the Season 2 cast of Rosewood? Eddie Cibrian. The actor will play Aaron Slade, an East Miami officer who challenges Rosewood and Villa’s already complicated relationship. The role was originally supposed to be played by former 90210 actor Brian Austin Green.

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