Social Media Can’t Believe Actress Rachel True Is Almost 50, And Neither Can We

June 13, 2016  |  

I don’t know about you, but I used to be a huge fan of the UPN show Half & Half. It was a sitcom about two drastically different paternal half-sisters (played by Rachel True and Essence Atkins) trying to form a relationship after being estranged when they were young. What you may not have known is that both characters were supposed to be in their twenties. But at the time that the show came to an end 10 years ago, True was almost 40 years old. This November, the actress, also known for playing Mary Jane in Half Baked and Rochelle in The Craft, will turn 50. But if you’ve looked at her social media as of late, you will likely find that as hard to believe as the rest of Instagram:

Seriously though, she looks exactly the same after all this time:

What exactly is the fountain of youth that True has been sipping from? According to her, it’s probably what you guessed (but were hoping you could buy)–healthy eating and exercise. But as True stated on her website, it was an uphill battle to change her lifestyle, especially after the loss of her father. As she wrote on her previous blog, “After my dad passed, (while working on H&H) I went on a junk food tear. He always called me fat, so y’know I ate the death feelings down. I was totally over weight [sic], and did get cystic acne. I cut out the crap, lost weight, embeded [sic] zits went away.”

But that’s not all True did.

I’ve said in earlier posts after dealing with fibroids and the underlying conditions, including a hormone imbalance that had plagued me pretty much my entire life, I pulled my health together, and it was a long uphill slog and a half, at my age, but so worth it.

One of the side effects of nourishing the body on a cellular level with whole foods, pumping oxygen in muscles from exercise, and not smoking is ‘younger’ looking muscles and skin. In other words, looking younger can be a side effect of healthy living.

People could save a ton on Botox etc if they’d lay off smoking and pills, if only for vanities sake.

My body has less aches and pains if I eat right. My mind is less moody if I eat right…. So for me, worth it.

What are other things that keep True young at heart and looking more youthful than ever? Well, here are five based on what we found on her Instagram:

Embracing juicing:

Doing the hobby that makes her happiest — tarot cards:

Exercising regularly:

Getting her Dr. Doolittle on:

Easing up on the makeup:

Of course, True does a lot more holistic stuff to look this youthful. You can learn more about her regimen and eating habits through her websites, SomeTrueThings and RachelTrue.


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