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September 5, 2011  |  
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So the trend now is for older women to play the “cougar” role, dipping their toes in a pool of men who were probably in diapers when they were in high school (yeah, I went there). And while the cougar prototype has been embraced, what about us ladies who crush on men older than us (we want a cool nickname too)?

There’s a wealth of fine men over the age of 40 in Hollywood (and walking the street right now) that could be moving around with walkers in a few years and still might catch our eye cause they’ve just got “it”. So with that, here’s a list of 10 men who will always make us think un-pure thoughts from the 40 and up club.

Lenny Kravitz, 47

Oh, Lenny. There’s something about this man with his perfectly coiffed fro and perfectly drawn on abs and body that sends us swingin’. His hard rocker attitude is also tres Hot, because a man that can handle a guitar can do just about anything. Also, did you know about that scandalous piercing down there? Niiiiiice. And if you can get those naughty images in your head I just stored out for a second, you can also agree that his strong relationship with daughter, actress Zoe Kravitz, 22, is a plus on the Hot meter. According to him, he’s a no nonsense dad to this day. Awwwwww.

Tyson Beckford, 40

Tyson, aka, sexual chocolate as we like to call him, has been catching the eye of women folk since the early to mid-90s. Blame it on those slanted eyes that could pierce your soul or that 1000-watt smile, but Tyson’s gorgeous! He still looks delicious at a ripe 40 and probably will still have women swooning all the way into the retirement home. Why? Because he’s got that certain “je ne sais quoi” that never goes away…

Q-Tip, 41

Maybe it’s that voice–that distinctive, nasally, almost innocent voice that we fell for back in his Tribe Called Quest days, his public adoration for curvaceous chicks (hear “Bonita Applebum”) or his amazing musical talents (PLEASE see Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest), but the man has that undercover swagger. Because as we all know, a talented man is a very attractive one. I’ve personally seen homeboy on stage and his command of it every time is amazing. And can we talk about those linebacker shoulders that were made for climbing??? *swoons*

Blair Underwood, 47

How can you deny the beauty of a man with a well-kept goatee? If that doesn’t tickle your fancy about Blair Underwood, please feel free to fall for his doe-like eyes, that cheerful smile, or the skin that looks like it came smooth off of a Hershey’s bar (I obviously haven’t eaten yet…). We’ve been crushing for a minute now (he’s been around awhile), but we really got caught up after he played the sensitive but Hot Keith in Set It Off. Jada knows she’s dead wrong for that explicit love scene…but we thank her for it because of the dreams they produced starring Blair.

LL Cool J, 43

This list must include the one and  only Cool James that rocks a mustache. We all know LL is fine and will forever be that way, but he needs his facial hair. It only adds to the appeal at a substantial rate. Whether he’s rapping or acting or teaching us how to do a proper push up (THOSE ABS!), LL does fine to death. And those smiles and that classic set of lips (they’re iconic I tell you!) will never go out of style either. Yummmm…

Gary Dourdan, 44

This brother has gotten into his fair share of trouble, but you’ve GOT to give him his props–he’s dreadfully good looking. We’ve been crushing since he was Shazza Zulu on “A Different World,” Freddie’s conscious dread-swangin’ boo. I mean, c’mon, that afro is pretty fresh when it’s properly taken care of, and those eyes are the color of some awesome collectible marbles. Tyra would be proud at how well he smiles with those eyes too.

Denzel Washington, 56

Well of course. Denzel may not look exactly like he did some years ago when women were drooling over the brotha and naming their children after him, but he’s got a pile of swag to this day that’s undeniably Hot. He’s like somebody’s fine daddy you just stare at from afar but won’t get caught being thirsty around (creepy, right?). That walk and that voice are and always will be the most debonair things ever. And speaking of beautiful, his long-lasting Hollywood marriage to wife Pauletta is definitely a beautiful thing. So keep dreaming. Or better yet, go watch Devil in a Blue Dress (*drools*).

President Barack Obama, 50

Raise your hand if you wish President Barack Obama was your husband. I’m sure every black woman out there just did. Hell, I’d be impressed with a man with at least half the ambition this man has, geez! His presidency may have put a little gray in his hair, but such was expected, and it looks good on him! Our favorite family man with his killer smile and equally Hot walk, there’s nothing you can say to me that would persuade me to heart this man any less. And he can play ball too? Boss.

Prince, 53

Depending who you ask, Prince is a little man who dresses in feminine clothing but plays killer music. You ask folks like me, and I’ll say he’s just plain ‘ol fine. Been that way since he sang “I Wanna Be Your Lover” way back when. It doesn’t take much for the legendary musician to get women all hot and bothered (even if they didn’t plan on ending up that way), just ask Sherri Shepherd, who almost had an out-of-body experience when he made a surprise appearance on “The View” (she pretty much said she wanted to make love to him, ya’ll). I’m personally a fan of that deep, DEEP voice and that talent. And he’s still rockin’ on stage after all these years! You’ve got to give it to the man…not literally, but you know what I’m saying.

Will Smith, 42

I’m going to ignore any mean rumors for now and say that Willie needs to be on this list. He’s been a crush of mine since “Fresh Prince” days, and to this day, he still is a class act with his big smile, big heart and very big muscles. And we can definitely appreciate the fact that he’s thrown us a few sweat-worthy nude and near-nude scenes in his films. Oh Will, always the tease (wink).

BONUS: Lamman Rucker, almost 40

We’re just going to throw him in the mix because he’s so fine that he deserves to be talked about all the time (do something about it). There are a list of things you can fan yourself over when it comes to this Lamman, starting with those dimples, that smile, those lips (LORD, those lips!), that body, those eyes–just everything. We can’t wait to see Lamman in more feature films (outside of Tyler Perry movies, please) and we’d pay to see ’em because brother man has it going on!

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