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There are medical and health-related changes you should be aware of if you’re considering getting breast implants. For example, how monograms and breast checks require a little extra work for your doctor—but there are also life changes, both big and small, that you’ll notice after you go up a cup size (or three). Everybody in your life is going to feel some way about you getting your breasts augmented. Even the people who insist they feel no way about it at all—they are, in a way, asserting that they “don’t care” rather than trying to celebrate your new assets. In general, you learn a lot about people when you undergo a major physical transformation, and even if it can be painful, in the end, it’s always a good thing! Here are 15 surprising ways life changes after getting a boob job.

Friends confess they want some

Friends who’ve been wanting implants for years but have been afraid to admit it come out of the woodwork. You are a hero for women who were too afraid of being judged for undergoing plastic surgery.



Boob chasers

They exist—men who specifically want to be with women with fake breasts. It’s like a status symbol for them, or maybe they’re just crazy about the way fake boobs feel and cannot return to the real thing.



You go from “Cute” to “Sexy”

You’ll notice that the way people describe you starts to change. You’re the “Hot” friend now rather than the “Cute” friend. You’re “Sexy” to men online rather than “Lovely.”



People will think you did it for men

Some people are going to assume you got your implants purely for male attention. Screw them—they’re just jealous of all the new male attention you’re getting.

Certain clothes become unwearable

You know the camisoles you used to toss on in a hurry? The ones that looked simple and sweet? Yeah, now those go from pajama wear to going out wear. You look way more provocative in certain clothes now, which at times is very fun! But at times is inconvenient.

Certain clothes become finally wearable

Then there are the clothes you always wished you could wear, but ended up looking childish in. Breast implants open up a whole new world of tops, and it is a very fun world.

Some friends become jealous

Some women will become jealous. If you had any friends who kept you around because they felt they were more attractive than you, and they loved that they always got the male attention at bars, you’ll know who those friends are now. They’re going to act a little cold towards you.

If you owe anybody money, they mention your boobs

If you owe anybody any money—from your landlord for rent to a friend for a movie ticket—they’re going to make some reference about how you, “Could afford your new boobs but not to pay me back, huh?” They don’t realize you’re on a payment plan for your new ta-tas.

Your friends want to feel them

Women will suddenly think it’s entirely appropriate to grab your boobs in the gym locker room. Yes, even women you’ve never spoken to before. They want to know how your implants feel!

You can feel men feeling them out…literally

When you hook up with men, you’ll feel them feeling around. They’re investigating and inspecting. They only get to touch fake breasts so often, and they’re very curious about them.

Babies reach for you

Hey, they can’t help what evolution taught them to do! Babies see boobies and think, “Food!” Consider it a compliment.

Pool parties are more fun

Let’s just be honest: women with bigger breasts dominate the pool party scene. Most bikini styles look best on some bust. You can’t wait for pool season in Vegas!

Party promoters want your phone number

Party promoters are paid to surround the expensive table service areas at nightclubs with women with breast implants. Prepare yourself to be bombarded.

You don’t mind putting on a pound or two

When you had a flat chest, anytime you put on just a couple of pounds it was evident. You didn’t have boobs to balance out the little bulge in your tummy. Now it’s not as big of a deal when your weight fluctuates.

You realize a lot of women have them

Women who already have implants come out of the woodwork, too. They want to compare notes, like how much you paid, what type of implants you have, and just generally how you’re loving your new bod!

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