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The Top 15 Cities For Newlyweds To Live And Work


Any man ups his game by at least five points when he wears one of these items of clothing. A lot of men don’t even understand why, when they slip on this sweater or that pair of pants, women start talking to them. But I can explain. There are just some men’s clothing items that are completely irresistible to women. men's blazer men’s blazer

A fitted blazer

A man who wears a blazer takes himself seriously. If he wears a fitted blazer with those perfectly fitted jeans, he’s the perfect combination of business and party.'s Corduroys’s Corduroys


Corduroys have an endearing ’70s look. A guy in brown corduroys just makes you want to travel the country in a van together.
 john shirt for men John shirt for men

Long John Shirts

When a man wears one of those, you can’t help but imagine him welcoming you to some rugged cabin in the woods where he’ll build you a fire — and you see all his muscles.


 vest for men vest for men

A vest

You know the one—those slick, button up ones that bartenders at swanky mixology places wear fitted, over shirts with the sleeves rolled up to show off their sleeve of tattoos. shirt for men shirt for men

Flannel shirts

They’re so classic and cozy. You can picture yourself living in a small town, growing your own basil and joining the quirky local book club with a man in a flannel. shirt for men shirt for men

A denim shirt

Where’s your studio? Because you’re clearly a sexy artist taking a break between sculpting. Let’s go back there.


 jacket for men jacket for men

A biker jacket

They never went out of style, but after Sons of Anarchy, now you’ll hit on a biker jacket that’s just hung over the back of a chair. It has its own sexual appeal. for men for men


Chucks shoes are just the right amount of grownup and youthful. High tops are for teenagers, and sneakers are for dads. And not the hot dads. shirt for men shirt for men

Gingham shirts

A gingham shirt makes you want to take a man to brunch. It makes you imagine your house in the Hamptons together. It makes you want brunch. And mimosas. And that hazy sex you have after mimosas. pants for men pants for men

Drawstring pants

When you go over to your boyfriend’s house, and he’s walking around in drawstring pants with no shirt on. Why do they do that to us? How are we supposed to get anything done? for men for men

A peacoat

A little James Bond mixed with a little Paddington Bear. It’s perfect. Don’t judge.


 t for men tee for men

A plain white tee

When men wear plain white tee’s, you picture them rolling the sleeves up, sticking a pack of cigarettes in the fold and working on a car. After, they’d take you out for a milk shake and give you a hickey. You get the idea.'s cardigan’s cardigan


The ones with the racer stripes and the elbow patches. Makes you think of every teacher’s assistant you fantasized about in college.
 for men for men

Perfectly-fitting jeans

Not tapered, (if you look uncomfortable then we’re uncomfortable), and not loose (haven’t you heard? It’s okay to wear fitted clothing now. Your friends won’t make fun of you anymore). But just right. Mmmhmmm.

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