Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2015

December 31, 2015  |  
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It’s that time of year again. Whether they lied, cheated or got dragged for filth because of bad behavior, these stars had such a rough year they made our list of celebrities we lost respect for in 2015. Who made yours?

Meek Mill

Poor Meek Mill. Coming for music’s most sensitive rapper seemed like such a safe bet.

But now that “Back to Back” is nominated for a Grammy, it doesn’t look like the Meek Mill dragging will ever cease.

And we feel bad for adding insult to injury, but we’re struggling to see how Nicki Minaj can still respect the man after an herbing like this.

Stacey Dash

Using profanity in reference to the president? Telling women complaining about the wage gap is “an excuse” not to work hard? Man, when even Fox News is willing to tell Stacey Dash to sit down somewhere, it might be time for all of us to say one final “girl, bye.”

Charlie Sheen

Just when we thought Charlie Sheen had secured the title of Hottest Celebrity Mess long ago, he trumped his own self by revealing that he did all of that very public sleeping around a few years ago while he knew he had HIV.

And he wasn’t done hitting new lows. Turns out, Sheen wasn’t going to share his diagnosis, he was outed.

Bill Cosby

This one is for all of the optimists who tried to have Cosby’s back because they just couldn’t believe Heathcliff Huxtable could do such a thing.

But even die-hard Cosby fans had to say “my bad” when they found out that the comedian admitted to giving women Quaaludes to get them in his bed in a deposition from 2005. He has since been charged with sexual assault.

Damon Wayans

OK, not all Bill Cosby fans said “my bad.”

Apparently, Damon Wayans didn’t get the message that we were done giving beloved comedians a pass for unacceptable behavior. And when Wayans called Bill Cosby’s victims “un-rapeable,” people went from laughing with him to frowning at him.


We keep trying to keep Raven-Symoné on the team, and she keeps doing her best to let us know that she doesn’t want to be on it.

She’s been for everything from brutality against stubborn students to discrimination based on a name. And if that weren’t clear enough, she said she won’t pretend to represent for Black women.

We’ll always have love for Olivia, but it might be time to come to terms with who Symoné has grown up to be and let her go.

Donald Trump

Once upon a time, he was a comical punch line with bad hair and a catchy catchphrase (“You’re fired!”). We could deal with him. But since he decided to run for president, we’ve seen the real Donald Trump, and the prospect of him leading this country is a terrifying one.


We bet Ciara was like, “I’m just not going to say anything about him. Sooner or later he’ll show his a– and they’ll see.”

And see we did. Future became everyone’s least favorite baby daddy in 2015 when he topped cheating on his pregnant fiancée by publicly shading the next dude she fell in love with. Focus on the trap music and not your ex, sir.

Scott Disick

Speaking of angry baby daddies, how mad is Scott Disick going to be when Justin Bieber is raising his kids while he watches from the sidelines? Rumors about the singer and Kourtney Kardashian are popping up everywhere.

But that might be just what he gets for getting caught canoodling with his ex while with Kardashian.

Rachel Dolezal

This year Rachel Dolezal quickly went from a virtually unknown individual to “OMG, have you heard of Rachel Dolezal?!” So, technically, the public didn’t know her to have respect for her before she fell off. But the folks in Spokane sure did before they found out she was not the Black woman she pretended to be.

Matt Damon

We’ll always love Goodwill Hunting, but we definitely look at Damon differently after his year of telling Black folks diversity isn’t necessary behind the camera, and telling gay actors to stay in the closet. Don’t talk. Just act.


We’ll never understand why Tyga and Kylie Jenner wasn’t a bigger scandal than it was. That baby was 16 when they first started dating, and last time we checked, that was super illegal.

Our moms would have put him under the jail, but we guess it’s none of our business *sips tea like Kermit.*

Ben Carson

It takes a lot for Black people to abandon their favorite neurosurgeon during his campaign run for president, and Mr. Carson has ticked off all of the criteria on the list to make such a thing happen:

It might be time for this presidential hopeful to have several seats.

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