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Argue as much as you like that men and women aren’t so different, but you can’t deny that the aesthetic of a single woman’s home vs that of a single man’s is very different. If you and your partner are looking into buying a new home together, just know that men and women tend to look for different things in a house.

Women: a safe neighborhood

Women want to be able to walk safely to and from their car. They want to feel safe walking the dog at night. They don’t want to hear sirens all day long.

Men: a fun neighborhood

Men don’t worry as much about safety, and would accept a less-than-safe neighborhood if it meant living in walking distance of bars and restaurants.

Women: friendly neighbors

Women are by nature very social creatures. As such, we want to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors know each other, invite each other over, and share details of their lives with each other.

Men: quiet/polite neighbors

Men are creatures of habit when it comes to their friends. They don’t need to make friends with their new neighbors, they just hope their new neighbors don’t make too much noise/hog the parking spots and so on.

Women: a neighborhood near friends/family

Women don’t mind commuting a bit to work, if it means living close to friends and family. Being able to see friends and family whenever we want is most important to us.

Men: a neighborhood near work

Men put a lot of emphasis on living close to work. They don’t mind traveling long distances to socialize, but commuting to work is bothersome to them.

Women: a bright, warm interior

Women tend to like white walls, large windows, and a lot of light.

Men: darker hues

Men prefer more den-like colors—mahogany, black leather couches, more moderate windows.

Women: bedroom space

For women, the bedroom is the sanctuary. We cannot tolerate a sardine-can of a bedroom. So long as we have a big bedroom, we feel we have space.

Men: relaxation space

Men don’t mind a small bedroom so long as there is a big common area where they can relax, watch television and have friends over.

Women: similar demographic

Women tend to live amongst their own demographic. So, if you are young parents, your female partner will want to live near other young parents.

Men: demographic doesn’t matter

Men don’t necessarily need to live near their demographic. They’ll live near college kids, near the elderly–they just want well-behaved neighbors.

Women: a big kitchen

Women love lots of space in the kitchen—it gets our creative juices flowing when it comes to cooking and hosting.

Men: a new kitchen

Men like up-to-date and renovated kitchens, with efficient stoves, new cabinets, new dish washers etc.

Women: a yard

Women like to be able to access the outdoors on the privacy of their own property.

Men: a park nearby

Men would rather have a larger home on the inside, even if it means giving up a yard. They are fine with living near a park.

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