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Most of us know the “Is everything OK down there?” basics, but there’s a lot more to discover about vaginas once you get to know the manual. Did you know these facts?

It Can Snap Right Back After Having A Baby

Did you know that there is no difference in size between women who have and haven’t had a baby? That’s pretty amazing (and a relief!).

It’s Great At Multitasking

Intercourse that involves a variety of sex acts — manual, penetration and oral — is more likely to result in orgasm.

It Cleans Itself

It’s so good at keeping itself clean and in working order that douching is actually a terrible idea.

And Can Self-Diagnose Itself Too

Vaginas are great at letting you know if something’s wrong. Itching, irritation, changes in smell and spotting outside of your period are all warning signs that it’s time to have things checked out.

It Can Tell You When You’re Ready To Have A Baby

When your discharge is clear, sticky and stretchy, it’s a sign that you’re ovulating. So proceed with caution–or excitement depending on what situation you want to be in 9 months from now.

It Can Fight Bacteria With Yogurt

There are literally dozens of things that can cause yeast infections. Luckily, your vagina is great at fighting them off if you eat a little live culture yogurt.

It Is Super Sensitive

A penis is pretty sensitive with around 4,000 nerve endings, but a clitoris has 8,000. And that means the potential for much better orgasms than your man.

It Is Super strong

Did you know that vaginal weightlifting was a thing (or that a woman set the record by lifting 30lbs with hers)?

That’s a little extreme for the average sexcapade, but we could all enjoy the benefits of stepping up our Kegel game.

It Can Literally Trap A Man

It’s called penis captivus, and this involuntary muscle contraction, a rare occurrence, has left some men stuck.

It Has Gourmet Tastes

What you eat reflects how you smell and taste. Eat something very spicy and pungent and you never know what could happen down there…

It Can Have Four Different Types of Orgasms

Blended, vaginal, clitoral and multiple. That’s four different kinds of pleasure while men only have one.

It Has Amazing Healing Powers

And it’s not just amazing at recovering from vigorous sex. The lining is so amazing at making repairs that its healing bacteria is actually used to treat other areas of the body.

You Clitoris Is Actually Pretty Big

Most of it is in a wishbone shape located underneath the skin on either side of the vulva — and you can stimulate all of that real estate if you know the right technique.

It Can Grow To Twice Its Size

Usually, it’s around three to four inches deep. But when you’re aroused, your uterus draws it upward creating twice the available space!

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