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I told y’all before, as far as I’m concerned I could care less about the validity of Zola’s story. I was entertained and I would pay money to watch it all unfold again in the theaters. But, I guess, when there are real people involved, people can become a stickier for facts. So Rolling Stone, reached out to Aziah “Zola” Wells to get to the real behind the story that had the internet going nuts. And it turns out, with the exception of a few details, Wells is sticking to her story.

And yes, she still claims that she was not sleeping with any johns that weekend. I happen to believe her but there’s certainly no proof.

Rolling Stone also reached out to the “white b–ch” who got them all into this predicament in the first place. Jessica Rae Swiatkowski maintains that she did not prostitute herself that evening, that Zola was the only one “trapping.”

But based on her quotes from the rest of the interview, it seems she’s not being completely forthcoming. Keep your eyes open, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. But before we get to that, check out the facts and fables from the story gone viral.

Fact: “I had to f–k him calm.”

When Zola told her fiancee Sean King that she was traveling to Tampa, Florida with a virtual stranger. He was not here for it. But she was enticed by the money she could make at a new strip club. So she had to take care of him first. Sean corroborates that part of the story.

“It worked,” Sean tells me with a grin. “I believe I took a nap.” 

No surprise there.

Fact: Rudy and Jessica had a complicated relationship

According to Jessica herself, she met Rudy after she’d had a terribly traumatic night at the club. At a club in Detroit, ” a customer beckoned her over for a lap dance. By the time the next song started and she turned to face him, he had taken down his pants and pulled her on top of him. He raped her then walked out the door.”

Rudy, who was the best friend of her booking agent, sat with her the whole night while she cried. Later, he found her a job at another club. Jessica had recently lost custody of her daughter and he helped with attorney’s fees in an attempt to get her back. Jessica admits that they slept together just two times.

Editor’s Note: That is not Jessica and Rudy pictured above. You’ll see Rudy’s real picture later. 

Fact: Rudy was indeed a pimp.

Jessica told Rolling Stone, “He goes to parties and finds the dumbest drunk girl,” she says. “A week later, they would be on Backpage” — a classified ads site often used by pimps.”

Fact: Jessica and Rudy had sex with each other on that trip.

Both Jessica and Zola agree that the two had sex on the couch after her first round of johns. Zola claims afterward, Jessica said to her, “That’s how I pay my rent.”

Fiction: They didn’t have sex in front of Jarrett

Jarrett wasn’t in the room when Rudy and Jessica had sex but he did see proof. Zola, who was in the room while the two were having sex, took a picture of the act and showed it to Jarrett later when they were both on the plane flying back to Detroit.

“A few hours later, as their plane took off, Zola turned to Jarrett. “I really tried to hold this back,” she said, “but you’ve got to know.” Then she handed him her phone. “I took this picture the first night we got here,” she said. It was Rudy and Jessica having sex on the hotel couch

Jarrett, who confirms he saw the picture, turned away. “You know what, Aziah?” he said. “I really appreciate that. I know I’ve just gotten to meet you and everything, you don’t have to look out for me like this, but thanks.”

Fiction: The Fight between the two pimps

Remember the part in the story where Jessica goes on a job where she’ll have to sleep with five dudes for $5,000? She goes to the hotel, only to be snatched, beaten and held hostage. They want to steal her from Rudy and pimp her out. Someone did try to snatch Jessica but there was no fight and Jessica was not beaten.

Jarrett, who was there at the time, told the real story.

“At least, that’s Zola’s story. Jarrett offered a different version. According to him, there was no confrontation between Rudy and the pimp. He also denies Zola went with them on the outcall at all, saying it was he and Rudy alone who drove Jessica to that hotel. When they went to pick her up, Jarrett says, Jessica was already in the lobby. The pimp never offered Rudy $20,000 for Jessica, he says, and she hadn’t been beaten. The only thing Rudy did in retaliation, according to Jarrett, was tell the hotel clerk to call the police because a man had tried to snatch his girlfriend. (Jessica’s story closely mirrors Jarrett’s, except, she says, it was Zola, not her, who was in the room with the other pimp that night).”

Fact: Jarrett was hitting himself and pulling at his hair

After the tumultuous and dangerous weekend, Jarrett wanted Jessica to come back to Detroit with him because he knew she wouldn’t be able to leave whenever she got ready. Realizing the truth of her predicament, he started freaking out.
“Go get on that fucking flight with me right now, because you can leave if you want to leave. You’re choosing not to leave.”

Fiction:Jarrett’s suicide attempt

Trying to convince Jessica to go with him, he threatened to jump off the fourth floor balcony.

“I’m going to fucking jump off this balcony if you don’t come.”

He did say it but all three, Zola, Jessica and Jarrett admit it was an empty threat.

Fact: Rudy was arrested days later

Rudy, Jessica and two other women they had picked up, headed to Reno, Las Vegas. There, one of the women claimed that Rudy raped her in exchange for letting her leave without prostituting herself.

Police found him shortly after that incident. He was arrested and eventually charged with sexual assault, sex trafficking, battery, attempted pandering and felony counts because he was fighting in jail.

Jessica, who was with one of the other girls she had recruited, spoke of Rudy’s arrest.

“I was helping other girls be put into that situation and as someone who’s been sexually abused, why would I do that? All I can say is that I was literally brainwashed by Rudy.”

Right. Everybody knows what it is Jess.

Editor’s Note: Real life pimps aren’t as funny and seemingly harmless as the perm having, flashy suit wearing ones. 

Read the full story from Jessica, Jarrett and Zola over at Rolling Stone

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