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If you’re one of the many, many people who tuned in last week to watch the rebirth of the popular show Uncut, then you were punked just like the rest of us. BET pulled off a great prank and used the opportunity to announce the rebirth of another favorite show, Punk’d. Details of the reboot are scarce, aside from the fact that it premiered yesterday and will continue to air on Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. But before you dive into the reboot, here’s a look at some of the best moments from the original MTV hit.

Missy Elliott: Jewelry Makes You Lose Control

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott proved she is not one to be messed with when it comes to her jewelry. The “Supa Dupa Fly” rapper made a stop by the jewelry store to pick up her blinged-out dog tags that were supposed to be cleaned. But she was told that the deliveryman had just walked out with the wrong package and that package had her items in it. Elliott wasn’t trying to hear such an explanation and even got up on the jewelry case and demanded her jewels back.

Justin Timberlake Cries A River

Justin Timberlake’s worst nightmare came true when he was told he owed Uncle Sam $900,000 in back taxes and the government was coming to collect. The “Sexy Back” singer tried his best to keep his cool when he was told he was going to lose his house, his cars, his everything, but he ended up crying to his mama.

Rihanna Gets Punk’d from AlmigorTV on Vimeo.

Rihanna Almost Gets Arrested Over $100

Rihanna and a friend were taking a stroll when they stopped to watch some street performers. They tossed them some money, but her friend accidentally threw in a $100 bill instead of $5. When Ri Ri grabbed the money to exchange it, they were accused of stealing. The pop star tried to throw in an extra $5, but it was too late–the cops were called. She attempted to make everything go away with that original $100 and a copy of her album.

Punk’d | 9×01 | Part 1: Taylor Swift from Punk’d on Vimeo.

Taylor Swift Is The Ultimate Wedding Crasher

Taylor Swift is America’s sweetheart so you can imagine how devastated she felt when she thought she ruined someone’s wedding day. Swift stopped by Justin Bieber’s house, and they ended up lighting fireworks he recently brought back from Japan. Swift lit one, but it ended up starting a fire aboard an enormous yacht. The “Shake It Off” singer was horrified to learn a wedding was taking place there, too.

Beyoncé Ruins Christmas

Beyoncé was invited to place the star on top of a giant Christmas tree as part of a children’s holiday celebration. The R&B singer was hoisted up into the air on a crane and just as she was about to place the star on top, the massive tree tipped over and crushed all of the presents below. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the children started yelling at her “You ruined Christmas!”

Pete Wentz Ruins Christmas, Too

Fall Out Boy decided to spread some holiday cheer by handing out toys at a KROQ event, but things took a quick left turn. The train an elf was riding on fell off the track and chaos immediately ensued. When the dust cleared, the set was ruined, and it was made to look like frontman Pete Wentz was to blame. To his credit, Wentz did try to console the crying children.

Kanye West Does Not Like To Be Disturbed

Kanye West was on the set of his “Jesus Walks” music video when the police arrived to shut everything down. Claiming the crew didn’t have the right permits to shoot, the boys in blue told Yeezy that they were pulling the plug. West gave us one of his first epic rants and tore into the police. His breakdown even included some dance moves and the classic lines “I paid for this film” and “We can walk wherever we want.”

Nick Lachey’s In-Laws Come To Stay

Back when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were newlyweds on MTV, the pop star decided to prank her hubby. To Lachey’s horror, he watched as her cousins pulled up to their pristine mansion and parked their RV right on his property. Simpson’s fake distant relatives had their hands out asking for money and a place to stay, adding insult to injury.

Bow Wow Is A Thief

Bow Wow was hard at work at a photo shoot with a tiger, and all was going according to plan until some prop jewelry went missing. Soon the young rapper became the culprit and was accused of swiping the diamonds. Bow Wow (now Shad Moss) was upset and understandably so, but the rapper-turned-actor had to play it cool, calm and collected because hew was told that any sudden moves or loud noises could set the tiger off…

Brandy’s Brother Is A Thief, Too

Brandy was driving with Ray J in Los Angeles when she was pulled over for a traffic violation. But when the cops searched the vehicle, they found stolen jewelry in Ray J’s backpack. The R&B singer pleaded for the cops to let them go, insisting that the items were given to them. “I have millions of dollars, I don’t have to steal anything from anybody,” she maintained.

Usher’s Brother Is Also A Thief

Usher was called to bail his little brother James out after he was busted shoplifting at an upscale store in Atlanta. When he got there, Usher was told he had to foot the entire bill but the owner was willing to overlook everything in exchange for Usher performing at a gig to promote the store. Usher was trying his best to stay calm, but he was clearly upset at his brother, even calling him a young Bobby Brown.

Hilary Duff Gets Carjacked

When Hilary Duff turned 16, she did what most teenagers her age do: she learned how to drive. Duff was out on the road with a driving instructor getting her very first lesson when she got into an altercation on the road with another driver. Things got out of control, and before Duff knew it, assailants had taken off with both cars. Duff was left on the side of the road screaming for her purse.

Mandy Moore Destroys A Home

Mandy Moore thought she landed a sweet gig as the host of a new home makeover show called Crib Crashers. But on her first day on the set, a huge sign came crashing down on the house that they were supposed to be fixing up. Needless to say, Moore was blamed for the whole thing, and her reaction to it all was priceless.

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