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“The man for me is the cherry on the pie. But I’m the pie and my pie is good all by itself. Even if I don’t have a cherry.” -Halle Berry 

Last week we discussed what men really want. This week, we delve into what to do with that knowledge.

A bombshell is nothing if not irresistible. You’ve heard the saying men want her and women want to be her, right? A bombshell takes it one step beyond that. That’s how powerful her energy is. Why? Because she is standing firmly in her feminine energy and claiming all of her power.

Seduction is the technique of using allure to charm, attract and spellbind. There are political seductions; any politician seduces voters to be on her side. First Lady Michelle Obama seduced a nation. There’s the commercial seduction that advertisers use to sell us things that we have to have but didn’t know existed. (There’s a blue and white bag that I am lusting after right now.) There is the innocent seduction of your child smiling sweetly and saying, “I’m sorry! So, am I still in trouble?” Then of course there is the art of romantic seduction.

The skills required for any good seduction include charisma, focus, flirtation, temptation and excitement. The words temptation and seduction may scare us but just because we’re invited into something doesn’t mean that it’s something negative. You could be seduced into healthy love, positive communication, eating right and taking care of your body with the right lure.

The male pickup artist seduction community is driven by guys trading tips and advice on how to score with women. The hilarious thing about them trying to figure out how to trick and connive us is that oftentimes they are trying to “hoodwink” women into doing what they already want to do.

Why seduction?

Human beings want to be seduced. Raise your hand if the idea of being enticed into a grand adventure doesn’t put a smile on your face and give you heat. Romance novels have existed since women starting swapping stories and have never been more popular. Any romance or soap opera is about the grand seduction. The push/pull, will they/won’t they aspect of seduction is compelling.

There was a time where this masterful skill of courtesans was the only way for a woman to get what she wanted. Powerful women who could bewitch and beguile were considered bitches, witches, temptresses, sluts and all of the above. They still are.

Today we have access to education, the opportunity to find or create right livelihood and the knowledge that wrestling with a man is not our only means to success. When we tap into our true source of personal power, we can seduce life to be what we will it to be.

Is seduction manipulation?

Unlike the male hookup communities who think that seduction is about lying, cheating and gaming someone, we take a more evolved approach. After all, we inherit the great lessons of history’s grand seductresses from Cleopatra to Josephine Baker, Mae West to Marilyn Monroe. The list of great sirens also must include Eartha Kitt, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross and Grace Jones. These historical “bad girls” have much to teach us if we pay attention.There are also the lessons of ancient love goddesses like Isis, Oshun, Yemaya, Aya, Shakti, Venus and Aphrodite.

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