“If I’m Not Married By The Time I’m 30…”: Annoying Things 20-Somethings Say About Turning 30

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have this wonderful thing called life all figured out in your 20s.  It’s an interesting decade where you’re in a rush to prove your adulthood and do some big ‘thangs’ before you turn the big 3-0. But some people are quite confused when it comes to life after 30. Need an example? Here are some annoying things 20-somethings say about turning the dirty thirty that irk people already in their 30s.

“I’m young, I don’t need to save.”

News flash: Rainy days don’t come solely when you’re retired.  Pay yourself first with every paycheck, even if it’s just a couple of dollars.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your savings grow, and you’ll have some cash handy should the unexpected occur.


“School? Been there, done that.  Never again.”

My parents told me there would come a day when I would wish I was back in college.  They were right.  Bills upon bills, the humdrum of a daily work routine – the real world is not all it’s cracked up to be.  If you’re in school, cherish and make the most of your time, and don’t discredit going to graduate school. For some professions, it’s a must.

“Oh, my God, I’m getting so old!”

My grandmother is damn near 100.  Now, that’s old.  Try living that long, then you’ll have every right to complain about your age.  For now, you’re still a young buck.  Stop trying to prematurely age yourself.


“If I’m not married by the time I’m 30…”

You’ll what, spontaneously combust?  People are getting married later and later these days, and that’s perfectly okay.  If you rush to get married by a certain age, chances are you’ll rush into the arms of the wrong person.  The right one is worth the wait.


“I don’t want to be in my 30s when I have a kid.  That’s too old.”

Um…yeah.  Your bones (and your vagina) don’t dry up in your 30s.  Yes, certain complications can arise the longer you wait to have children, but it is still humanly possible to bear a child post-20s and have a smooth delivery.


Anything with the phrase “back in the day.”

Back in the day for someone in their 20s is like two years ago.  Maybe three.  Please refrain from using this phrase.


“I never want to get old.”

You do realize the alternative to not aging is dying, right?  Besides, you’re only as old as you feel, and if you take the necessary steps now to live a healthy life (unforeseen medical conditions aside), you’ll be in a better position when you actually do get old.


“I need to hurry up and ____ before I’m 30.”

Get married? Buy a house? Travel the world? I’m sorry, does the clock run out the second you turn 30?  Are you going to turn into a raggedy version of yourself like Cinderella?  In the words of Kimberly Reese, I don’t think so.

“She looks good for 30-something.”

Again, not sure why people in their 20s think that being in your 30s automatically qualifies you as old and decrepit.  This just in: you can still look good in your 30s! In your 40s! At every age!


“I’ll never let my body go.”

While no one plans to let their body go, it’s a fact that your metabolism slows the older you get.  So unless you have Jada Pinkett Smith or Angela Bassett’s genes, you might pack on a couple pounds as you age.  That’s especially true if you plan on having children.  If you want to keep in shape, make a healthy diet and working out a priority at every age.


“I know what I’m doing.”

That very well may be true, but don’t let your pride or ego keep you from heeding the advice of someone not in your age group. After all, no one has it all figured out.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help either.


“I can’t make any mistakes.”

Here’s the gotcha: You’re human.  We all make mistakes!  The trick is to learn from them and not repeat the same ones over and over again. It won’t hurt to fess up to the mistakes you’ve made either.  Acknowledging them will help you grow and move forward.

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