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Recently when I was hanging out with two of my most decent, honest (if I do say so myself) male friends I overheard them checking their online dating profiles. If I can be honest, they didn’t seem so decent after that! I couldn’t believe some of the things they were saying about their habits when it comes to online dating. I had to ask them, “Do all guys do this?” I got a resounding, “Oh. Absolutely.” Yikes! Here are 15 real and unfortunate online dating habits of guys.

Compare matches

Some guys sit next to each other, pull up their matches on their phones, swipe through the photos, and compare who has the hottest matches.







Always swipe right/wink/add/whatever

A lot of guys have admitted to me that they treat online dating like a numbers game. They swipe right/send a wink or do whatever the, “I’m interested” signal is to every woman online, without even looking at them. Then, if somebody returns interest, they actually look at her.

Have a “stock” message

If you get a message from a guy that sounds a bit generic, he might have a stock message he copies and pastes to all women because he just messages so many every day.






Set the age really low

Just to “See if they can pull it off” is what guys have told me. I’m talking 35-year-olds setting a match age range of 18 to 23. Come on.





Separate the “good” girls and the “bad” girls

When my two friends were sitting down to compare matches, they made a comment on almost every female, saying whether she was a “good” girl or a “bad” girl. Putting us in boxes much?



Designate you for a fling

Plenty of my male friends decide that a woman is only meant for a fling before they even know her. And they stick to that decision, no matter what else they learn about her.






Be on a million sites

Like I said, they treat it like a numbers game. Some guys are on a dozen sites.







Do it just to flirt/chat

If you ever wonder about a guy you’ve been chatting with, “When is he going to ask me out already?” the answer could be “never.” Some guys just set up accounts so they always have someone to flirt with for an ego boost, but they have no intention of asking anyone out.



OR cut you off for chatting too much

One of my friends blocks a woman if she tries to chat too long. He was okay with, “How are you?” and “What are you up to?” but when she tried to further the conversation a little more he said, “She’s too complicated. I just want a hookup.”




Go on there married

Some married men set up online dating profiles just to see if they’ve still “got it.”






Take pictures at someone else’s house

Some guys think it’s perfectly normal to make it look like they live in the 42nd floor penthouse overlooking the water, when they actually live in a friend’s basement. You can just figure that out later—that’s what they think.



Look for somebody else

This actually happened to me when I was online dating: several guys messaged me saying I would be great for their friend. Okay…I’m not a product you’re shopping for! If your friend wants to chat with me, he can set up his own profile. Lazy!




Ask for a full body photo

Just to, “Make sure she’s not overweight.” Yes. I’ve heard men say this.






Refuse to pay for a site

Many paid sites will let people browse profiles for free—they just won’t have access to user’s photos until they pay. So I had cheap-a** men message me asking if I would email them my photos to their personal email address because they didn’t want to pay for an account.




Skipping the about me on purpose

“If a woman is concerned with that she’s looking for something too serious.” Apparently.

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