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The mother-daughter relationship is a complicated one. In your teenage years, you can’t stand your mother and feel like she’s making your life a living hell. But once you reach adulthood, she’s, in fact, one of the only people who truly understands you and loves you anyway. I have had a series of conversations with my mother as an adult that have surprised me. At the end of the conversation, I’m always in shock that she’s just now telling me things I wish I had known early on in life. Here are 10 things I wish my mom would have told me a long time ago. Not that I would’ve listened anyway.

It’s Okay To NOT Wear A Slip To The Club

My mother made sure I knew how to dress appropriately from my underwear to my outerwear. So once I got of partying age, I continued to apply what she taught me about my wardrobe. I still wore slips to the club, house parties, and college parties; everywhere I wore a dress I had a slip on underneath. That is until one day while dancing the night away a friend shouted, “Is that a slip?” Thanks, Mom!

Pursuing Your Dreams Can Be Scary And Lonely 

Pursuing your dreams can be a scary thing, especially when no one around you understands it. My mother always encouraged me to dream and supported me in all my endeavors, but she never told me that pursuing your dreams can be frightening, lonely, and isolate you from many people. It would have been nice to know that, as well as how to cope with these feelings without getting discouraged.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? A Good Shiraz

There are many health benefits to drinking red wine, including helping to heal a broken heart.

Keep Your Legs Closed, Not Just Because You Can Get Pregnant

I think everybody’s mother gave them the sex talk with the warning of “Keep your legs closed.” But we were told in an effort to avoid pregnancy. However, there’s so much more to the “Keep your legs closed” wisdom that young ladies need to know about. From the emotional ramifications of sex to the sexually transmitted diseases that can come with it.

Beware Of The Happily Ever After Propaganda

One of my favorite movies is Dirty Dancing. The love Baby found with Johnny while on her family vacation to the Catskills Resort left me in a quest for my happily ever after. Many years and family vacations later, I still haven’t found Johnny, Catskills Resorts or learned how to tango. I should have been forewarned.


It Will Take Time To Figure Out Life, And That’s Okay

Growing up, my mom was my superhero. She still is. To me, she knew all the answers and knew what to do in every situation. So when I got older, and I couldn’t figure out why it was taking me so long to find my path in life, I began to panic. Today I realize that there are some things my mother is still trying to figure out. Had I known that early on I wouldn’t have spent my mid-20s in panic mode.

You Are Just Like Your Father–And Your Mother 

How many times have you heard your mother say, “You are just like your father!”? This phrase is often spouted when you do something she doesn’t approve of. But the reality is that we are just like our mothers too. Moms, give us the tea on how you used to drop it like it’s hot in the club or had a make-out session with Eric in the back of his Chevy. We can learn from those stories too.

It’s Okay To Cry. Waterproof Mascara Exists 

I’m a crier, especially after letting things build up for so long. I only saw my mother cry twice. She has always been an example of strength, so I equated crying with weakness. But unleashing the tears is such a freeing feeling, and if you have on the right mascara, you won’t miss a beat.

Being Broke Doesn’t Have An Age Limit

Managing money is probably one of the hardest tasks of adulthood. When you add bills, children, a house, and student loans into the mix, pay day can immediately become broke day once you’ve paid off what you owe. As a young adult, you assume with age this will change, and you will become more financially stable. The reality is, most people have a broke day or two. No matter their age. So heat up the Ramen and next pay day, maybe you can go out for linguini.

Your Mother Is Your Ride Or Die

Some of us spend our lives in search of friends who are loyal and have your best interest at heart. In fact, the older you get, the smaller your circle of friends is. But at the end of the day your mother will always be the president of your fan club. The sooner we know this, the better life is.

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