“I’m A Laaaaaaady” And Other Hilarious Quotes To Live By From Sheneneh Jenkins

May 15, 2015  |  
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In real everyday life, to have a roommate like Sheneneh Jenkins would be a horrible experience. She goes out of her way to come out of her apartment and start drama; When you need her help she is difficult; and Lord, her clothes are so loud!

But watching Martin Lawrence play Sheneneh for five seasons on Martin was nothing short of hilarious. And when she wasn’t picking fights with Gina and Pam, and really, anyone who came near Martin’s apartment, she was dropping some witty quotes and comebacks that we still recite to this day. Here are just a few of our favorites that you can use in the following scenarios.

This comical quote, in full, reads like this:

“Laquita, I ain’t no plastic surgeon, okay? Don’t be bringin’ me no picture of Whitney Houston because you’re not Whitney Houston. You’re not even Bobby Brown, okay? I’m sorry, okay? Now what you do is make it your prerogative, bring me a picture of Flavor Flav and we’ll talk, okay?”

Sheneneh played no games in her salon, especially when it came to her work–and dealing with Ms. Myra’s toes

This one is for all the hairdressers out there working with unrealistic clients who expect miracles. For the fourth and last time, no, your hairdresser can’t make you look like Beyoncé!


This one is for the young person who’s a little too slick with their mouth on public transportation. Get her all the way together, please and thank you!


We all know that when it came to being confident, Sheneneh was definitely feeling herself. She was conceited all right, but we can’t say she had a reason to be…

Still, this one is for the fellas who love sending inappropriate direct messages on social media. Thanks, but no thanks, bruh.

Words to live by! Sheneneh wasn’t going to allow her confidence to be shaken just because Kid (from Kid ‘n Play) rebuffed her advances. “Sheneneh is an around the way filet, aiiiite?”

If a guy isn’t down for you the way you are, tell him to “step off, aiite?”


“Now guess what, I just saved your life. Because one stroke of the Sheneneh, and you will have a stroke. Goodnight!”

This one is for the men your father’s age standing outside morning, noon and night during the summer–aka, maxi dress season. They love to look lustfully or say inappropriate things, and we’re NOT here for it.


Pam could always go toe-to-toe with Martin, but she was always one step behind Sheneneh when it came to the personal jabs. And we all know that Pam not having a man (but having bad breath and a good weave) was a big part of her storyline. At least Sheneneh had Lafonz…


This one is for the chick who thought you forgot that she said something out of pocket. Somebody’s a** is getting busted on sight!

And don’t you forget it! This one (and “Oh no you didn’t!”) may be Sheneneh’s signature line. When someone tries it with you, hit them with this hilarious reminder.


What you say when someone who used to treat you like crap asks you for something. Oh, so we have short-term memory now?


The statement you make when you see someone with their a** hanging out of their shorts the minute the temperature hits 75 degrees. Ma’am, put it away, please.



You know who this one is for; the faux friend who always has something crazy to say about you, but stays in your presence. (And that also goes for the Internet trolls who stay with something negative to say on MadameNoire. You know who you are…) Scram!

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