15 Aspects Of Your Life That Improve In A Good Relationship

April 21, 2015  |  
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You may have that one cynical friend who tells you that relationships get in the way of their career aspirations and that they don’t have time for love. But the truth is that they just aren’t getting into the right relationships. When you’re with the right person, the following aspects of your life naturally improve.

Your bank account

That need to go out every weekend and meet everyone so you can be seen in your hottest outfits…yeah, that goes away. Your partner is enough entertainment, and he is free! (Or at least relatively cheap.)

Your body image

When your guy tells you every day how perfect your boobs are it’s suddenly hard to see them as too small, or too droopy, or too big. They look perfect to you, too. You see yourself through his eyes, and you look good!

Your getting ready time

You’re just so excited to get the night started with your man, you won’t waste two hours getting ready while he waits on the couch. Plus, you’re more secure now; he makes you feel gorgeous no matter what you wear.


Your self-esteem at work

The right partner recognizes your strengths and points them out to you all of the time. This gives you more self-esteem in your career and the confidence to pursue your goals.


Your sense for friendships

When you find the right person for you, it becomes very clear which friends are right for you and which friends aren’t really friends at all. Some were only your friend because they could commiserate with you over being single, or because you would rage until 6 a.m. on weekends with them.


Your relationship with your parents

You can’t help but subconsciously feel that your relationship with your parents affects your own search for love. When you find the right person who is in your corner, you don’t get so worked up over fights with your parents anymore.

Your priorities

When you have that really solid, loving relationship, you suddenly realize that relationships of all kinds are the most important thing in life. You start making more time for your family, your friends, and of course, your partner.

Your energy

Love gives you wings! Well, it gives you energy. When you’re happy you naturally feel more energized. You have this bright shiny reward of love pulling you through the day.

Your attention to your health

You want to stick around as long as possible for your partner, so you make a better effort to schedule checkups and things like that.

Your sleep

There is an incredible calmness that comes with finding the one. It usually comes hand in hand with finding yourself so that you can rest at ease.

Your time management

Have you ever heard the saying, “Give jobs to busy people?” It’s because people who have a lot going on in their lives are usually better about piling even more on their plate. When you need to get your work done in time to spend the evening with your partner, you just get better at time management.

Your willingness to share

You get joy from making food for your partner or driving him to the airport. You realize how good it feels to share your time, resources and affection with people you love.

Your male friendships

When you meet the one, the male friends who just wanted to sleep with you disappear, and you’re left with your true male friends.

Your cleanliness

You can’t leave piles of laundry on the floor or a dirty rim on the toilet bowl when you have a boyfriend sleeping over four nights a week.

Your stress management

In general, you don’t freak out about the little things as much as you used to. You really feel like you have a partner in life and you’re never alone–no matter what happens.

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