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If you meet the love of your life and he does any of the following things for a living, don’t write him off. But if you’re shopping around on a dating website, free to be picky, stay away from men in these lines of work.


Actors are sometimes away for months at a time, and when they’re not on a project, some are stressed out about when they will get another project. It also doesn’t help they will have to kiss another person for a scene from time to time.

Life coach

Life coaches have to give their clients the illusion that they’re always available to them. That means they can call them about questions regarding dates, wardrobe, diet choices, job interviews—you name it. And that’s at all hours.


A therapist might only be on the clock during certain hours, but their job is emotionally taxing; they’ll be thinking about their client’s problems even when they’re not working.

Stand-up comedian

Stand-up comedians usually have to work late hours, so they might sleep late during the day, making it hard to lead a normal life–and go on dates!

Restaurant owner

Restaurant owners live and breathe their restaurant. They have to show up hours before the restaurant opens and stay hours after it closes. If you want to see them, you pretty much just have to live at the restaurant.

Emergency Room staff

ER staff not only work crazy hours, but they witness things that can weigh heavily on their emotions. This can make them feel disconnected from people who don’t do similar work.


You constantly worry about their safety. And even when they’re not on the job, you know a lot of people feel animosity towards the police force, and that’s difficult.


Every time they leave to go to work, you don’t know when they might climb into a burning building. If they don’t get hurt on the job, their lungs might take a hit over time.


Bartenders work really late hours and often deal with customers trying to flirt with them.


Lawyers spend nearly a decade in training, and then the rest of their life doing, well, law work. They naturally become suspicious and litigious people, always looking for an angle.


Musicians come with three problems: Groupies, groupies and more groupies. If that’s not enough, they sometimes tour for months at a time.







Kids are constantly picking up germs, which means that your partner could bring them home, leaving you both sick.


Bankers are always thinking about money. They’ll criticize your every financial move and constantly ask you about what you’re doing with your dollars.

Stock market

Somebody who works in the stock market has to get up super early to keep up with the market, which means late dinners are out of the question. Or dinners at a reasonable hour in general.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants naturally travel all of the time, and they get to see a lot of the world, making you feel jealous and disconnected.

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