15 Funny Signs He’ll Make A Good Dad

March 3, 2015  |  
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Your boyfriend might tell you he doesn’t want kids, or doesn’t think he’d make a good dad, but he has to face the facts: if he does any of these things, his paternal instincts are knocking at the door big time. Here are 15 funny signs he’ll make a good dad.


He wears childish shirts/sweaters

If he wears sweaters with cartoon characters on them, he’s just holding their place until he can put them on a kid.

He’s sensitive to dog’s needs

If there is a dog in the room he is constantly aware if the dog needs water/needs to go outside/wants to be picked up.

He worries about what you eat

He gets upset when you eat highly processed foods (or, like, blue cocktails.) In fact he knows a lot about what foods are good specifically for women.


He compares prices

He over-researchers an item before buying it online, or looks at every brand of oatmeal cookie before choosing one.

He sympathizes when you have indigestion

Instead of being grossed out when you’re having bathroom issues, he gathers your favorite magazines, turns up the TV loud to give you privacy, and occasionally checks on you.

He gets super into holidays

He treats them like a business project: he plans them out, he sends out emails, he marks calendars, he budgets for them.

He pretends he’s not tired when he’s tired

That’s prime dad behavior right there.

He calls you on your sh*t

He lets you know when you’re being a brat, so he can definitely let a kid know.


He makes jokes at boring times

He makes goofy jokes when you’re in line at the pharmacy. He’ll do that with kids too to keep them happy at the doctor.

He gets excited for girls nights

He gets genuinely excited for you when you have girls nights. Translation: he won’t mind babysitting!

He’s patient with your computer problems

When you’re flipping out over your computer issue, he is patient, and uses a very calm voice to walk you through it. He won’t lose it when his kids are losing it over their homework.

He’s a responsible drinker

He’s the one making sure everyone’s car is in a place where it can stay overnight, people are coordinating cabs etc.

He balances his meals

He won’t have pizza two nights in a row. It makes him feel gross.

He takes too many pictures

It might drive you nuts now but you’ll be happy to have those moments with your kids later.

He misses his parents

A guy who feels connected to his parents usually wants to keep strong family connections going.

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