Exclusive: Cat Harper Discusses Future Of “Sorority Sisters”

January 19, 2015  |  

The final episode from season one of  VH1’s “Sorority Sisters” may have aired, but apparently, the controversy continues to linger. Although it has been assumed that VH1 would not continue with the series after airing the final three episodes Friday night, both the network and cast member Cat Harper, whom we had the privilege of speaking to, say that a decision has not been made regarding the future of “Sorority Sisters.” Check out our chat with Cat below.

MN: What are your thoughts on some of your cast members being suspended from their sororities over the show?

Being suspended does not mean that you are no longer apart of that organization. No matter what happens, people will still view you as being apart of your sorority, especially after being on this show. We will always be sorority sisters. Being suspended is just like your mom saying “you’re no longer a member of this family.” It’s no possible way. You can’t suspend relationships, experiences or what’s a part of you.

MN: Did you also face disciplinary action from your sorority?

No, I personally haven’t.

MN: Do you feel betrayed by the Black Greek community?

No, at the end of the day they have no loyalty to me and I have no loyalty to them. We are all individuals that are just apart of an organization. If I based my life everyday off of what I felt the Black Greek community thought about me, I would be putting them before God.

MN: If you could do things all over, would you have still signed on to do “Sorority Sisters?”

Yes, I never regret anything I do in life. With my life’s history, everything I do leads up to bigger and better. This was a part of my journey that was meant for me in order to fulfill my purpose.

MN: What are your thoughts on K. Michelle’s disapproval of the series?

K. Michelle’s approval or disapproval doesn’t matter to me. She’s entitled to have her own opinion about the show or anything in life, just like everyone else. She’s not the only celebrity sorority/ fraternity member that has not represented herself in the “perfect Greek eye.” We’re all human and sometimes, I think that’s a part of life that we sometimes forget. This show has just opened my eyes to see how hypocritical us Greeks could be.

MN: How did you learn that VH1 would be canceling the series?

According to VH1, no decision has been made about the future of the series just yet, but assumptions have been made. Rather or not, this was just a stepping stone for something greater.

MN: Some of your cast members expressed that they received death threats over the show. Did you also receive threats?

I did, and unfortunately we’re still receiving derogatory messages from Greeks that didn’t approve of the show. The Greek community was so concerned about “Sorority Sisters” showing Greek life in a negative light. They were correct, in the fact that they showed how negative the Greek community could be, in a way that I could have never imagined. Who knew that sororities and fraternities based off of Christian values and moral principles could allow a TV show to bring so much evil, hate, and risk the lives of my sisters in Greek.

MN: Did this experience help to unite you and your cast members in any way?

Absolutely, they are great women. I don’t know about the people who you know but these are some beautiful, phenomenal, and educated women. My cast mates consist of educators, business owners, those that are furthering their education past a B.A. and community-oriented women. We have grown closer throughout the taping of the show. Unfortunately, we’ve grown even closer due to the negativity from the Greek community. For the first time in my life’s history, I’ve actually seen some “real” Greek unity as a whole. Unfortunately, it was due to these trying times.

MN: After all of this, have your feelings changed at all towards Sigma Gamma Rho? If so, how?

Not at all. When I pledged Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., I pledged that Sigmas stick together, win together, lose together and die together. That means that no matter what we will always be sister’s. If I was to change my opinion about my sorority off of just this reality show, I would be just as hypocritical as the others who have.

MN: Any last thoughts?

I would just like to say that, this is not the end for me, this is only the beginning. I’ve opened my photography studio during the taping of this show and I’ve continued to further my acting career also. Because I’m so passionate and determined in everything I do, I can only see positive outcomes. Last but not least, it feels great to be able to express myself and give my point of view. I’m so grateful for this interview. It is so greatly appreciated.

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