Winter Style Hacks No Woman Can Do Without

December 12, 2014  |  
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The holidays can be hard on your clothes. Follow these winter style hacks and your wardrobe will be one less thing you have to worry about this season.

Flat Iron Your Shirt Collar

Button ups are great in winter but curled shirt collars are the worst. Straighten them out again by heating up your flat iron and running it over the collar while you hold it straight. Just make sure to wipe off any residual product first.

Remove Salt Stains From You Boots

First brush off the debris and wipe them down with soapy water and a rag. Then add a half white vinegar/half water solution to a spray bottle and spray the salt-stained areas.

Finally, wipe the residue off with water and rub in your favorite conditioner. Follow with a waterproof spray to prevent any more damage.

Here’s a more detailed guide here.

Get Oil Stains Out Your Shirt

Repair the damage from Christmas dinner by covering the stain with baby powder and leaving it overnight. In the morning, just brush the baby powder off, and the oil will be gone.


Fold Your Suit Coat Inside Out

Have to pack your suit in your suitcase but don’t want it to be wrinkled for church? Simply fold it inside out. The lining will take the wrinkling while the outside looks fresh from the dry cleaners.


Clean Makeup Off Of Your Clothes With Baby Wipes

All those hugs from relatives leave you with lipstick and foundation smudges on your collar? Keep a pack of baby wipes around and the stains will wipe right off.


Get Red Wine Stains Out With White Wine

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And if you get some of that holiday cheer on your favorite shirt, simply soak the stain in white wine and toss it in the wash. Red and white cancel each other out.

Make Your Boots Easier To Get On

Simply fold over the excess fabric, cover it with a boot sock and you won’t even have to lay back on the bed to get them on. It gets rid of the bulge too!

Temporarily Fix That Pesky Underwire

Out of town and can’t shop for a new bra? You can temporarily patch poking underwire with a Dr. Scholl’s Moleskine that you can find in the foot care section of almost any drugstore.

Find The Right Necklace For Any Shirt

Choose the shirts you’ll pack before the necklaces and you won’t have to try and get your whole jewelry box in your bag.

Un-Cling Your Skirt With Hairspray

All dressed up to go somewhere nice but static is holding your skirt down in an unfalttering fashion? Lightly spray your stockings with hair spray and your skirt will fall away.

Get Creative With The Way You Tie Your Scarf

It’s the easiest way to upgrade your winter look.

Get Your Coat Zipper Unstuck

Winter coat won’t zip but you’ve got places to be? Rub the zipper teeth around the sticking point with a graphite pencil.

Get Odors Out Overnight

Forgot to wash something you packed and there’s no washing machine in sight? Toss the item in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer overnight. The freezing temperatures will kill the bacteria that’s causing the smell.

Can’t wait all night? Spray vodka on the odor-causing areas. Once it evaporates, the smell will be gone.

Get Scuffs Out Quickly

Entertaining the kids all day hard on your leather shoes? Just rub the marks away with a little bit of unscented lotion and a clean rag.

Un-Shrink Your Shirt

Someone shrink your favorite cotton T in the wash? Soak it in hot water with a few capfulls of conditioner added. Then stretch it back to the right size.

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