How To Spot A Financially Responsible Man

December 8, 2014  |  
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Men won’t always talk to you about their finances, and as long as they have a job/car/home, it’s easy to assume they have their finances in order. But it’s important to know if the man you’re going to align your life with has good money habits. Here are a few ways to spot a financially responsible man.





He networks even when his job is stable

He knows that no job is ever 100% secure, so he is always taking the chance to get coffee with someone who could help him in the future, or go to networking events.











His spending habits don’t change even with a pay raise

Even if he gets a pay raise or a bonus, he goes on living his life as if that didn’t happen.













He eats dinner separately sometimes

Sometimes, when you suggest meeting for dinner, he says, “I think I’ll do dinner on my own tonight and maybe we can meet up after.” He’d rather wait for a night he can afford to pay for dinner for you, than take you to a fast food restaurant or spend money he doesn’t have.





He always asks for the beer specials

He knows almost all bars and restaurants have drinks on special that aren’t listed, and he keeps himself to those.













He talks about helping his parents one day

You know a guy isn’t looking to lean on his parents anymore when he is already talking about helping them out with finances.








He researches before making a purchase

He never buys the first thing he sees but always shops around, does his research and compares prices.


He takes care of his belongings

He properly stores, washes and handles all of his belongings to get the most value out of them.

He’s had a Roth IRA for a while

He started putting money into a retirement account at an age younger than most.









He meets with his financial advisor

He regularly sets up coffee meetings or phone calls with his financial advisor, just to check in on his investments, and make sure his financial goals are on track.







He only has one credit card

And he pays it off on time, every time. He uses it to build credit, rather than spend money he doesn’t have.










He takes on you on quality dates

Every restaurant he takes you to is quality. It’s always a good, nice restaurant where you get your money’s worth. He’s willing to spend $50 on your dinner, but he makes sure it’s somewhere where you get $50 worth of food. In other words, he doesn’t take you to trendy places where you get “small plates” for $30 each and everybody leaves hungry.

He rarely watches TV all day

He knows every minute is valuable and he spends free time touching base with work acquaintances, getting a head start on next week’s work, reading books on his industry, or even working a side job.


He doesn’t know the names of designers

He doesn’t keep up with designer names for clothes, furniture or anything. All he cares about is finding a good product.






He’ll live humbly to enjoy one big thing

He is able to restrict his spending if he wants to save up for something big.










He keeps a budget

He has a set budget and he sticks to it. He keeps track of his purchases, and where he is in his budget regularly.

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