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Just when Kenya thought that her reputation had been redeemed and she was going to get apologies from everybody, NeNe threw quite the wrench in her plans. On this week’s episode of RHOA, Claudia and Porsha mix and mingle, Kandi and Todd go head-to-head with her manager Don Juan, and NeNe calls bull on Apollo’s apology to Kenya. Let’s chat about all that went down!

Todd Puts The Employees Of The Kandi Factory On Blast

As the episode begins, Todd and Kandi are talking about her business moves, and well, Todd isn’t too pleased. He feels as though employees at The Kandi Factory are a little too comfortable these days and not thinking ahead about what Kandi and her business ventures could do in the future. To Todd, part of the blame goes to Kandi’s manager Don Juan. Kandi doesn’t necessarily feel like her team is slacking, but because it’s something that Todd brings up, she thinks about it and decides that she wants to speak on it to her employees.

Porsha Gives Claudia Jordan The Cold Shoulder

While Porsha has been getting some fat checks from Dish Nation for her on-camera work with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Claudia Jordan has also been employed by the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, but does on-air work for the most part. Either way, both ladies cross paths in the studio, and for that reason, Jordan hopes they can be friends–or at least just be cordial. But when Claudia tries to say hello while Porsha is getting her makeup done, Porsha has very little to say. Maybe it’s because Claudia is good friends with Kenya, or maybe it’s because Porsha really was just trying to focus on her makeup, but either way, she gave Claudia the iciest cold shoulder ever.

Kandi Takes Todd’s Grievances–Er, Her Own, To Her Employees And Don Juan Doesn’t Appreciate It

Kandi has her meeting with the Kandi Factory team, and this time around, Todd sits in to help her. But Kandi’s manager, Don Juan, is not trying to hear anything that she (or better yet, Todd) is trying to say. He gets a bit defensive and tells Kandi that “I always make sure your sh*t comes together!” But Kandi and Todd don’t agree, and feel that the team needs to get a lot less comfortable and work together cohesively so Kandi’s brand can grow. Todd has no problem sharing his two cents with the team, but the team definitely has a problem with it.

Cynthia, Kenya And Claudia Are The New BFFs

Cynthia meets up with Kenya and Claudia to go shoe shopping, and interesting enough, two out of the three parties there are afraid to take off their damn shoes on camera. Sounds like they should have just went out for lunch…

But one big reason they all met up was so that Cynthia could let them know about her uncomfortable encounter with Porsha, and so that Claudia could also let them know that Porsha had been less than nice with her as well in the workplace. In the end, Kenya says that it would be nice if Claudia and Porsha could get along, but she doesn’t think that will be possible. Why? “If one doesn’t have a brain and one does, I don’t know how that’s going to work.”



NeNe Believes Apollo Lied About Lying On Kenya…

While the new trio of Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia met up, on the other side of town, NeNe, Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra meet up at a spa to chat. Porsha throws quite a bit of shade when speaking about her lunch with Cynthia, saying “I sat down, and she went to town with her robot read.” NeNe gets quite a chuckle from that shade, saying in her confessional that Cynthia needs to stop trying to play so tough and go back to pretending to be the sweet Cynthia she wanted everyone to believe she was.

The conversation turns quickly to Kenya, with Kandi wondering if the ladies can bury the hatchet with her since no one really remembers why NeNe and Kenya fell out in the first place, and we now know that Apollo lied on Kenya all along. But as it turns out, NeNe doesn’t believe Apollo. That’s right, she thinks that Apollo was lying about lying on Kenya. She’s not sure why, but she just doesn’t believe it. But Kandi is calling bull on that theory, saying the ladies have such a disdain for Kenya that they won’t let themselves believe that she was lied on: “At the end of the day, I just feel like the other women don’t like Kenya, and they’re not going to cut her any slack at all.”

Kandi decides that she is going to apologize to Kenya, even if no one else will.

Apollo Meets Up With Peter To Talk Phaedra

Apollo, currently going everywhere but his home with Phaedra, meets up with Peter to talk about his struggles, including his issues with her. He tells Peter that Phaedra won’t allow his sons to see him in jail, and he feels hurt by that. Peter says that Phaedra is being super harsh considering the fact that she courted Apollo when he was fresh out of prison years ago and knew what he was capable of. Why flip and abandon him now?

But that’s not all. Apollo says she pursued him quite a bit when he got out of prison, even coming to where he was staying in the projects, offering to rub his feet and sleeping with him on the blow-up mattress he was resting on. With all that said, he feels like the fact that she’s changed so much and didn’t even want to be bothered to show up at his sentencing hurts him a great deal.

Claudia Meets Up With Porsha To Encourage Her To Make Peace With Kenya…FAIL

After an uncomfortable moment at The Rickey Smiley Morning Show at the beginning of the episode, Claudia meets up with Porsha for lunch and to clear the air. When she tells Porsha that she felt slighted by her at the studio, Porsha tells her not to take it personally because she didn’t mean anything by it. But when the conversation turns to Kenya, and Claudia possibly playing mediator between the two ladies so they can resolve their issues, Porsha isn’t interested. Porsha tells Claudia that her issues with Kenya are none of her business and that she’s moved on. And when Claudia keeps encouraging Porsha to try one more time, Porsha ignores her flat-out and starts a conversation about her new Tom Ford lotion…

Don Juan Lets Kandi Know That Her Man Was Out Of Line

Remember that conversation Kandi and Todd had earlier with Don Juan and Kandi’s employees? Well, Don Juan decides to speak to Kandi straight up about it. He tells her that he feels like things are playing out just as he thought they would before Kandi and Todd got married: He feared that Todd would want to start having control over her business when it’s not his place. Don Juan reminds Kandi that he’s always been about his business, and often missed out on events for his family so that he could be there for her: “I walked in like, ‘I know Kandi Burruss,’ and I walked out like, ‘I don’t know Kandi Burruss-Tucker.'” Kandi tells him that she thinks he does a great job, but just wants the team to not slack and always be thinking ahead.

Don Juan Vs. Todd

Just when you thought that conversation with Kandi and Don Juan was over, Kandi tells Todd what Don Juan had to say, and he summons Don Juan to hash things out. Don Juan tells Todd that he thinks Todd has been overstepping his boundaries by speaking on the work of Kandi’s employees when he has his own businesses to focus on that are struggling: “Kandi wouldn’t have certain feelings if it weren’t for you having these feelings and putting them in her mind.”

But Todd just wants Don Juan to know that he thinks that he needs to do a better job of delegating a number two. Why? Todd wants Don Juan to feel comfortable knowing that business will get done even when he can’t be around. Don Juan finally agrees, but not before taking jabs at Todd’s short resume and his short height: “We need to get Todd a stool so he can look me in my eye.”

Kandi And Kenya Meet Up So She Can Apologize

Kandi and Kenya meet up to work on their fitness together, and while there, Kandi apologizes to Kenya for believing Apollo’s lies about her. Knowing how close Phaedra and Kandi are, Kenya definitely appreciates the apology. But things take a turn left when Kandi decides to tell Kenya that NeNe still doesn’t believe that Apollo lied about them having inappropriate correspondences. A frustrated Kenya storms off, saying, “The man just confessed that everything is a lie and you’re still going to throw dirt on me? This is bullsh*t!”

Kenya Breaks Down

Kandi follows an emotional Kenya to the bathroom, where the beauty queen is bawling her eyes out. After pushing the cameraman out of the room, Kenya breaks down, telling Kandi that she can’t take anymore of NeNe and co.’s crap: “I’m sick of these b***hes, they just want to make me look bad.” Kenya believes that NeNe is refuting Apollo’s apology about lying because NeNe doesn’t want the world to look at Kenya in anything more than a negative light. Kandi agrees that it’s pretty petty, and after wiping her tears, Kenya says she’s not going to let “evil” women hold her back.

So with that, I’m wondering what you think of NeNe’s theory? Do you believe Kenya’s tears?


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