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If you are like me, you’ve been tuning in to the foolishness that is “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” each Monday.  Though you might feel as though you’re too smart for it (you’re not alone, we have a support group that meets Tuesday nights at the library, where we ready literature, discuss current topics and chant:  “I am not what I watch!”  Join us!)

But sometimes you need/want to put a little context to the people that you’re watching, in hopes that it’ll help fill in the holes of the people that you’re secretly judging each Monday night.

Well, this is where I come in.  After falling down the rabbit hole of LHHH info, I decided to share my wares with you.  Remember, you’re not what you watch!


Mally Mall’s Extra Business

I’m not necessarily a music connoisseur, but I like to research anyone I’m listening to.  So when Mally Mall was introduced as a producer on the first episode, I went to find some of his songs.

While searching, I inadvertently found that he might have another business that is affording him his lavish lifestyle.  Though it is registered as a concierge business, the FBI thinks it serves another purpose, providing escorts.

On September 29th, 2014, Jamal Rashid (Mally Mall) had his Las Vegas home raided for human trafficking.

There aren’t a lot of details released, only to say that his neighbors alleged this isn’t the first time that Mr. Mall’s house has been raided by the FBI.  There was a previous incident a few years ago where they knocked down his gates with an armored vehicle… Yikes.

Love Square

Speaking of “yikes,” apparently Mally Mall has been deep in these streets, because the featured love triangle between Mall, Nikki and Masika was almost a love “square.”

According to former “Love and Hip Hop New York” alum, Somaya Reece, who currently lives in Los Angeles, Mally Mall was sliding in her DMs to get at her at the same time that he was dealing with both Masika and Nikki.


Billboard Takedown

I’m pretty sure that most people who watch LHHH have came across information on the billboard that someone put up of Masika’s old mugshot.

In an attempt to be incredibly petty, someone posted Masika’s old mugshot during the same month that the promotional shots that she shot on LHHH were put up.  But Masika’s Instagram response was great:

“Guys in just one month I have 2 billboards up! Wow! God I must be doing something right. @missnikkiibaby was so consumed by jealously that she swiped daddy’s credit card to rent a billboard for me. Wow. I’m flattered. Yes guys I was arrested in 2006 for a FEW HOURS with a group of 7 other kids from my school. But when your 18 with nothing to your name, on your own, living in hotels and out of your car, trying to work 3 jobs, pay tuition and make something of yourself while holding on to your integrity… You might hit a few bumps along the way. I wasn’t going to address this just yet but since my fellow jealous cast mate @hazelebaby decided to post it (which is against her cast rules) I must say thank you @MissNikkiiBaby and @hazelebaby for the hate and the free publicity I will continue to pray for both of you lost lowlifes. I’m shining so bright. The love be so fake but the hate be so real. Bullying is never ok. It’s so sad to see grown ass women operating like jealous little school girls… Say a prayer for them y’all they need it. God got me”


“Shoe Fetish” with DJ Driis

Though Hazel-E has been gaining more publicity on this show for her dealings with Yung Berg, she’s also a rapper.

She released the mixtape “Shoe Fetish” with actor Idris Elba, under his rap/DJ name DJ Driis.

Somethin’ in Common

Speaking about Yung Berg, what does he, Ray-J, and Soulja Boy have in common?  Karrine Steffans.

All three have been allegedly tied to the author.  Karrine mentioned Ray-J in her first “Confessions” book.  She put Berg on blast on Instagram (alleging that he was also physical with her as well), and her IG posts with Soulja Boy was a plot point on a recent episode between him and his girl Nia.


Speaking of Nia, who is doing great after her car accident, she was friends and roommates with Deiondra Sanders.  However, according to others, it was alleged that the friends were more, romantically speaking.


Not Their First Go-‘Round

Apparently, Hollywood is a very small place, especially if you have the same taste in men.  The waters of resentment seem to run deep between Nikki and Masika, because, according to Nikki, during a Vlad interview, she reveals that Mally Mall wasn’t the first of Nikki’s boyfriends that Masika tried to get with, it was Spurs player Austin Daye.  Watch the above video for all of the info.

So the tension between Nikki and Masika had been brewing for quite some time before Mall.

Drew’s Sole Fathering Has Only Been For a Few Months

With the emergence of Drew, many people could relate (and were relieved) to see a man being so involved in his son’s life.

However, according to Moneice, he hasn’t been having sole custody of their son for as long as he has claimed/led on.

According to a recent interview with The Souce, they had joint custody until about a few months before they started shooting:

 “Based off on what been shown on the show and the things Fizz like to say, maybe it’s not what he says, it’s the way he says it. I think that the general public is not aware that I actually have physical and joint legal custody of my son on paper ordered by a court, they also don’t know that  Dreux not have Cameron for that long he had him since May. So I need them to know that about me. I’m very much involved in my son’s life, that’s never to be tested or questioned or used against me as a weapon cause I think that they have it really f—-d up and wrong and I blamed him for that so that’s what they don’t know about me.”


Moneice Hates Her New Business

When we first see Moneice, she is sitting at table, in front of a line of sex toys, and she looks like she’s handling business.  Too bad that that business disgusts her.

According to Moneice, she hates sex toys.  She found that out while experimenting with a girl after being “traumatized” by her relationship with Drew.  She realized that she was indeed heterosexual, and that she didn’t find sex toys pleasurable at all:

“I got into sex toys because I thought I was a lesbian for like 7 months of my life post having a child cause I was so traumatized by the relationship with Cam’s dad but I thought for sure I could never be with another man, she tried to use toys, and I hated it, I couldn’t stand it and that’s when I discovered I wasn’t really a lesbian, and that these toys are just so gross, it’s so cold, and so stiff. So that’s what sparked my idea for my line of toys.”

Family Airwaves?

There’s no business show business, and apparently that runs in Mally Mall’s family.  He is related to famed radio DJ Ebro from New York’s Hot 97… Maybe.

They grew up together and called each other cousins to other people, so they claim family, but they might not actually be.

What Happened to Lil B?

If you were a viewer of “For the Love of Ray J” like I was, you know of Ray J’s former assistant Lil B.  So when Morgan first appeared on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” I know I wasn’t the only one to say:  “Wait a second…what happened to Lil B?”  And if I was, I feel really bad about myself right now.

Moving on…

Allegedly, Whitney Houston was her godmother, and she took things very hard with her passing.  After that she went away from the limelight.

The Ring Don’t Mean a Thing (Ink Does)

When we first meet Nikki, she is talking about how important Mally Mall is in her life, and how he gave her a promise ring.

Like the Kandi written and produced song, the ring didn’t mean a thing, because after all is said and done, Jamal has went on to someone else, who proudly got his name tattooed on her.

Background Singing

Apryl, Omarion’s girlfriend, the mother to his child, and the thorn in his mother’s side, has actually been in the music business for some time.  Apryl was a background singer who has toured professionally with many artists.  In fact, she met Omarion by being one of his singers, and while they toured, they got to know each other and fell in love.

Gay to Get Respect

Hollywood seems to be a place with its own set of rules.  According to the women in the above video, if you’re attractive you can be objectified more than you can be respected.

With that in mind, Morgan decided to say that she was a lesbian for her first four years working to curve some of the unwanted advances while working.  It worked for some people, but some men still pursued her.


I hope that these little tidbits filled any holes that you were curious about.


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