15 Reasons Some Women Just Can’t Get Along

October 15, 2014  |  
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Friendships among women are full of love, support, encouragement and levels of closeness that men have trouble understanding. But it’s not all sharing clothes and going to the bathroom in packs. Female friendships can be…complicated. But it’s not that women can’t get along. Sometimes it’s just harder.

Low-Key Jealousy

Society sort of sets women up to compete with one another — especially in the looks department. And sometimes insecurities turn into salty shade and ruin perfectly good friendships. If you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to love somebody else.

Long Memories

Women are like horror movies from the 90’s: we know what you did last summer — and everything since then. Unless we hash our issues out with regular checkups, friendships can go downhill fast.


We hate to admit it, but sometimes there can only be one Queen Bee. If there’s not enough room in a friendship for two over-sized personalities, one of them has to go before things get real.


She’s too close to him, she thinks he’s too close to you, he doesn’t like her, the feeling’s mutual: It’s such a minefield of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, we don’t even have room to list them all here.

The Ring Race

Engagement rings are notorious friendship killers. And it’s not just the jealousy and ticking clocks. Once “I” becomes “we”, priorities and people change. And sometimes friendships have trouble surviving.

Mean Girls

We don’t know why women seem like they’re so much cattier. But sometimes friendships can go to a sleeping-with-your-man-on-purpose or exposing-your-deepest-darkest-secrets place that there’s no coming back from.

Low Blood Sugar

You know those Snickers commercials about not being you when you’re hungry? It sounds like a joke, but when everyone is on a diet tempers are bound to be short. And sometimes you can’t go through a Master Cleanse without putting your friendships in Jeopardy.

Too Much Girl Time

Some guy friends just meet up for football season. But for a lot of girls, friendship is a full-time job. All of that face time means lots of opportunities to say the wrong thing, get on each other’s nerves or accidentally hurt feelings.

Holding Grudges

Is it just us? Or are men better at letting things go? When you find yourself naturally inclined to hold on to your hurt feelings, it can take a lot of talking-it-out to keep the relationship together.

Having Trouble Saying What You Mean

“I’m fine” never means you’re fine. When things go wrong, sometimes we have to work harder to get to the real issues — or hold it in until keeping it real goes wrong.

Back Stabbing

Everyone gossips every now and again. But add gossip to trouble letting things go and faking the front until a blow up and you have a recipe for periodic friendship disaster.


You used to be BFFs but then one of you got a boyfriend and got ghost. It happens so often that even science agrees that women lose two friendships per long-term relationship.


Sometimes it feels like women fall out with their friends because they weren’t really friends in the first place.

We’re Emotional

Men can know each other for six years and barely know each other’s middle names. Women need to share their feelings which is a great thing — until it’s not.

We Grow Up

Sometimes it’s nobody’s vault — people move on, have families and grow up. Unfortunately, we don’t always do it at the same time.

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