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“College Hill” first came on the scene in 2004.  It’s agenda was to show a primarily African American cast in the confines of different HBCUs as they pursued their education, while also sifting through personal drama.

Since the show ran for six seasons, trying to narrow down the list was a task.  So, I broke it up into two parts.  However, if I didn’t include your favorite (or the one you wanted to know the most about), add their name in the comment section, and I’ll add them on the next go ’round!

Also, let me know who you want to see from South Beach and on!


Kinda Saunders

Kinda Andrews was on the premiere season of College Hill at Southern University.  Kinda was a freshman and considered the “wild child” of the group. After “College Hill” she pursued a career in acting, got married to a Navy sailor (becoming Mrs. Saunders), had children, and is an advocate for social change.  If her face looks really familiar to you, it’s because she was on a nationwide Swiffer campaign, with her husband and their two children as they deal with life in the Pacific Northwest.

Gabriel D.  Angell

Gabriel was a senior on the premiere season of “College Hill.”  As he finished his pre-med degree, the Alpha Phi Alpha member was also a ladies man in the house. After “College Hill,” Gabriel went on to pursue a career in acting and in music (he was also in Southern University’s marching band).  He has appeared in shows and films, and modeled in multiple campaigns.  He also toured with “Grove University” band, and has even done motivational speaking engagements to encourage the youth to “decrease self-demoralization.”

Delano Mitchell

Delano Mitchell was the clown of the group, and though he was pursuing his Bachelors in Communication, he also had dreams of becoming a rapper and actor. After “College Hill” Delano acted in a number of productions, and also works as a stand-up comedian.   After the infamous elevator ride, featuring Solange and Jay-Z, Delano went under his stage name (Delano Holmes) and created a parody video where Solange had a run in with Rick Ross (played by Delano in the above video).

Langston University Cast Let’s start off with a few of the select members of Langston University. Langston University was the second season of the hit reality show.  Though the season had many varying personalities, apparently many of them didn’t like the lime light. A year after their season aired, they were interviewed by the Langston Gazette, which was picked up by the Black College Wire, and they talked about the plans that they had for themselves since being on the show:

As a graduating senior music education major, [Tanisha] Taylor is focusing on graduation and her senior recital. After that, her options are graduate school, beginning a teaching career or starting a music ministry.


[Arthur Israel] Doyle, whose ‘playa’ tendencies came back to haunt him, left Langston in the spring of 2005 to pursue his modeling career. He can now be seen posing for the Epitome Modeling Agency, based in Los Angeles. …Doyle plans to release an autobiography titled “You Paint the Picture.” He says he will also be involved in several independent films.


[Alva “Peaches”] Jasper, too, is reaping benefits of being a member of the cast. “Now I can follow my dreams and goals that I couldn’t do a month ago. Right now I have a couple things in the making,” she said. “I’ve joined SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and another talent agency, which sends you info on auditions, scripts and what’s going on in the industry on different writers, directors and producers. I finally have my own publicist, there is a music producer coming to work with me on releasing a CD, and I’m also writing a book. So I’m really trying to take advantage of my 15 minutes of fame,” Jasper said.


“Life is almost back to normal. I have turned my focus back on school, and I will be graduating in the fall. After graduation, I will be going on to get my Master’s in Business Administration,” [Jon] Walker said.

Stacey Stephens finished getting her college degree. After their season, many of them went on to pursue standard lives outside of glare of television and camera lenses.  Many of them don’t even have Twitter accounts, or Facebook accounts. All except…

Nafiys Blakewood

Nafiys Blakewood was the only Langston University cast member that I could find. Nafiys went on to pursue a modeling career, which he was pretty successful at.  He’s also a self-proclaimed “Sneaker Head” and can be found under the alias “Black Waldo,” for all your twitter needs.

Vanessa Hamilton

On to the Virgin Islands cast …

Vanessa was involved in one of the most volatile fights on “College Hill.”  An argument between two completely different people ended up with Vanessa and Krystal fighting, and blood shed.

After Vanessa’s participation in the show, she went on to model from 2008-2012.  She was featured in magazines, campaigns, calendars, and was in a local movie.  She had a son, and now works as a freelance writer.

Vanessa’s co-combatant, Krystal Lee, on the other hand, could not be found.

Willie “Macc” McMiller

In a season full of tension, Willie Macc was the comedic outlet.  Always ready to infuse comedy in the drama, Willie was a bright spot for many of the viewers.

After the show, Willie went on to create his own web series, perform stand-up comedy, and act by appearing in movies and shows like Meet the Spartans, “Lovers and Friends,” Bloomers, and others.  He also expanded his portfolio with directing.  Working with Emergent Media Films, Willie is making his way through visual media.


Idesha Browne

Idesha was a native Islander.  Her argument with another cast member, who was berating her due to her accent, is what eventually led to the fight between Vanessa and Krystal.

Now-a-days, Idesha lives a much more drama-free life.  She’s married, has a child, and occasionally keeps in touch with other cast members while enjoying her life.

Fallon Favors

As the drama went on, Fallon Favors stayed focused on her music goals.

After her season of “College Hill,” Fallon came back to California and began pursuing a career in music.  Within that time, she’s had a beautiful daughter.

She is still actively pursuing music, and released a self-titled EP.  She’s actually pretty good, so check out some of her music and her videos on Youtube.


Did I get your favorites?  Are you waiting for me to report on Kyle and his love of ribs?  Comment below and make sure to check out part 2 when it comes out!

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