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Welcoming a child into the world can be one of the world’s most rewarding experiences. However, these celebrities experienced heartache and pain after having a miscarriage.


Soon after Beyonce tied the knot to Jay Z, folks were wondering when music’s biggest couple would produce an heir. During her performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the former Destiny’s Child member revealed to the world that she was with child. After the birth of Blue Ivy, her hubby Jay Z devoted a song to the newborn and in it he revealed that the couple felt the loss of losing their unborn child when Beyonce had a miscarriage the previous year. She has called it one of the saddest periods in her life.

Wendy Williams

Television’s reigning talk show queen Wendy Williams has always shared her life like it’s an open book with her fans. Before she gave birth to her only son Kevin Hunter, Jr., the New Jersey native suffered two miscarriages. Carrying little Kevin to term proved to be a difficult task. Williams was ordered on bed rest and even had to broadcast her popular radio show in bed during the last leg of the pregnancy.

Courtney Cox

She became one of America’s most beloved “Friends,” but she met her future husband, David Arquette,while on the set of the scary movie “Scream.” They got married in 1999 and tried numerous times to have a baby. Cox admitted to having several miscarriages before finally giving birth to her daughter Coco in 2004. “I get pregnant pretty easily,” the “Cougar Town” actress told “People” magazine, “but I have a hard time keeping them.”

Whitney Houston

Legendary singer Whitney Houston caught a lot of flack for marrying R&B bad boy Bobby Brown. The couple tied the knot in 1992 and that same year she made her acting debut with “The Bodyguard.” During an interview with Barbara Walters, the late singer revealed she actually had a miscarriage while taping the movie. “I had a miscarriage during the filming of ‘The Bodyguard.’ It was very painful, emotionally and physically,” she said during the interview. “I was back on the set the next day. And it’s over. But I had Bobbi Kristina one year later, and I am blessed.”

Celine Dion

Celine Dion met her future husband when she was 12 and he was 38. Taking on the role as her manager, things turned into something more and the couple got married when she was 26. After trying to get pregnant the old-fashion way, the Canadian singer underwent in-vetro fertilization treatments. The “Falling Into You” singer talked about what she went through before she became pregnant with twins. “They said that I was pregnant, and a couple of days after, we were not pregnant again,” she said. “We didn’t want to feel like we were playing yo-yo. ‘I’m pregnant. I’m not pregnant. I’m pregnant. I’m not pregnant.’ So we didn’t want to do this thing. But we did have a miscarriage. I never gave up. But I can tell you that it was physically and emotionally exhausting.”

Mariah Carey

Despite being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Mariah Carey has lived a relatively private lifestyle. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, she had started secretly dating Nick Cannon before the two whisked off to elope in 2008. Two years later, Carey shocked fans by announcing she was pregnant. She gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott and it was then that the “Breakdown” singer revealed she had a miscarriage. “It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult,” Carey said in an with “Access Hollywood.” When that happened … I wasn’t able to even talk to anybody about it,” the singer has said. “That was not easy.”


Unlike most women who wait for their men to ask for their hand in marriage, pop singer Pink decided to take the bull by the horns. She proposed to motocross rider Carey Hart during one of his races. Although the couple briefly separated, in 2010 the singer was excited to make the announcement on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she was with child. During the interview, the audience found out Pink also had a miscarriage. “[I] was just really nervous and I have had a miscarriage before but if I was going to talk about it with anyone,” Pink said. “It was going to be with you.”

Kirstie Alley

Before she adopted her two children, Kirstie Alley tried to have biological children of her own. The “Cheers” star opened up about the painful experience she felt before becoming a mother in her 2005 book “How to Lose Your *ss and Regain Your Life.” “When the baby was gone, I just didn’t really get over it,” she wrote. “Neither did my body. I so thoroughly convinced my body that it was still pregnant after nine months that I had milk coming from my breasts. I was still fat, I was still grieving, and I had just been told it was very possible I would never be able to have children. Fat, childless, with little hope for any future children…that’s when I began to get fat.”

Lily Allen

British singer Lily Allen has experienced both a miscarriage and a stillborn on her quest to start a family. She suffered her first miscarriage in 2008 and soon afterwards she spent three weeks in a psychiatric clinic for depression. Two years later she became pregnant again but contracted a viral infection six months into it, which caused her to suffer a stillbirth. The “Baby Mine” singer tied the knot in 2011 and revealed she was pregnant yet again while she exchanged vows. She finally became a mother later that year and gave birth to her second child in 2013.

Sharon Stone

Legendary actress Sharon Stone is a proud mom of two adopted boys now but the road to motherhood was certainly a bumpy one for her. “The Basic Instinct” star had wanted to be a mother since she was a little girl so it was especially hard for her to suffer through three miscarriages. Even as a young child, she was open to adopting and Stone talked about how she was having one of the worst days in her life when it turned out to be one of the best in an interview with AARP. “The last time I lost the baby, I went into 36 hours of labor,” she said emotionally. “While we were at the hospital, our adoption attorney called.”

Jane Seymour

Having a miscarriage is not an uncommon thing but actress Jane Seymour suffered through one in front of a live audience. The mother of four was on the air announcing the annual Rose Parade at the time but luckily for those in attendance and others watching at home, they had no idea what the Bonds girl was going through. Seymour recently divorced her fourth husband last year after 20 years of marriage.

Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling snagged the job offer of a lifetime early on in her career. In 1999 she beat out 12,000 other reporters and was named a co-host for ABC’s “The View.” She left the show a few years later and continued on in her career as a television journalist. In 2010, she returned to her old stomping grounds and talked about the experience she went through with her husband when she had a miscarriage. “We actually [hadn’t] been trying that long,” she said on “The View.” “I don’t know that I took it as seriously as I should have because [the pregnancy] happened so fast. But then when I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like—bam—like a knife through the heart.”

Giuliana Rancic

Television personality Giuliana Rancic was having trouble getting pregnant so she made the choice to undergo in-vetro fertilization treatments and that decision saved her life. It was during this process when doctors discovered that the “E! News” co-anchor had breast cancer. But before she was diagnosed with the deadly disease, the married mother of one revealed she had a miscarriage and wondered why she was chosen to go through that devasting experience. “It was several months of guilt and sadness,” she said. “And finally, I think we just came together and we said, ‘There’s got to be a bigger plan here, right? There has got to be a reason.'” After having a double mastectomy, Giuliana and her husband Bill had their first child via surrogacy.

Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman proved that she could conquer Hollywood but behind closed doors, she had a tough time becoming a mother. The “Eyes Wide Shut” star adopted two children with her first husband Tom Cruise. Following their divorce, Kidman found love again with country singer Keith Urban. She has two children with the “American Idol” judge and opened up about her journey to motherhood with Australia’s “Who” magazine. “I had tried and failed and failed and failed,” she said. “Not to be too detailed, but I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages and I’ve had fertility treatments. I’ve done all the stuff you can possibly do to try get pregnant.”

Bethenny Frankel

Like much of her courtship with Bryn Hoppy and their marriage, much of Bethenny Frankel’s divorce and child custody case has played out in the public eye. As one of the “Real Housewives of New York,” the businesswoman met Hoppy, fell in love and had her own spin-off show featuring her brand new family. But soon she and Hoppy were at odds with each other and were calling it quits. The couple fought over their one child together but for a couple of months, Frankel was carrying their second. “We were pregnant with a second baby and at eight weeks I miscarried,” she shared with “Glamour” magazine. “That was a very emotional experience and it had a lot of different things that came with it.”

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