15 Strange, Funny And Sometimes Immoral Reasons People Get Married

June 23, 2014  |  
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By now, you know not everybody gets married for love. Entire movies have been made about the other reasons like “Green Card” and “The Proposal.” But, did you know about these strange and (sometimes) immoral reasons people get married?










They get their spouse’s employment insurance

Not having health insurance is scary! So scary for some that they marry a person who they only feel so-so about to receive their partner’s amazing employee health benefits.






They can visit their partner in the hospital

Some unmarried couples find that, while one is in the hospital, the other can’t visit them because they aren’t technically “family.” So they get married for visitation rights.




Claiming the partner’s child as a dependent

A child is a pretty big tax write off! And if you legally become a stepparent or guardian to your partner’s child, you might get that write off. Shaking our heads at this one.









You don’t have to worry about STD’s

Nobody wants to contract an STD, and some are so afraid of it, they get married just to know (but can you ever really know?) their partner’s sexual health forever. And then there are those who gave their partner an STD, fell out of love with them, but stay with them and marry them out of guilt. Yikes!








Living in “families only” zones

There are certain neighborhoods that the government has deemed “family only” zones, and some of those zones aren’t too shabby.







Receiving family tuition discounts

Certain states offer discounted tuition to married people. In addition, if you want to go to college in a state you’re not from, sometimes you can receive in-state tuition if you marry someone from that state.








Suing someone for interfering with the success of their marriage

If you’re particularly litigious, you can actually sue someone for “interfering with the success of your marriage.” That seems like a very large arena for lawsuits.


Covering up a crime

The marital communications privilege states that a judge cannot force you to disclose confidential communications between you and your spouse. So, if someone were planning an elaborate crime, they could cover up some communications related to it within the privacy of their marriage.


They want parents

Some people never really had parents or a family they were close to and fall more in love with their partner’s family than the partner.






Having someone to take care of you

Some individuals just want someone to bring them soup when they’re sick, or sit with them in their old age when they can barely move, or sleep in the hospital room with them should something happen.

Dependable sex

If you haven’t noticed, it’s not easy for guys to have sex whenever they want to! Some guys get tired of the game and would just rather settle down and know they have dependable sex most nights, than go out hunting at bar after bar after bar.







The wedding gifts

You could furnish your home or take a vacation off the money and gifts that come with a wedding!

The anniversary gifts

If you make a big deal out of your decade anniversaries, everyone else kind of has to, too. Translation: they have to get you very generous gift cards or even buy you vacations.









Having an excuse to “grow up”

Some guys don’t want to stay up until 5 am anymore, or eat fast food every night, or do a ton of recreational drugs with their friends on the weekends. But they can’t say that they don’t want that—but they can blame their wife for stopping them.

Not having to explain to people why you’re not married yet

Some couples, especially those who have been living together for a long time, could go either way on marriage, but they just get so tired of people asking why they’re not married that they just do it.

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