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No one wants to be seen as unapproachable, but there are plenty of women out there who scare men away before they can even ask for their name. When a man senses the vibe that you’re unapproachable, there isn’t enough leg or cleavage showing that will fix it. Here are some things that make women unapproachable and what you can do about it.

You don’t make eye contact

There is nothing more intimidating than approaching a stranger who doesn’t make eye contact with you or acknowledge your presence. If you can’t make eye contact with a man across the room, don’t expect him to come near you.

The fix

Learn to make eye contact with a man instead of looking away and sending out the vibe that you don’t even see him. If you like what you see, make it known so that he can make his next move. Just don’t do a creepy, long stare into his eyes and nothing else. Make eye contact, smile, and look away. He’ll come over.

Your facial expression isn’t inviting

Snarling, pouting lips, and an overall unhappy facial expression doesn’t give off that warm inviting feeling that a man is looking for before he approaches a woman.

The fix

A nice smile is worth a thousand words and nothing says “Hello, I’m friendly” better than a smile does. Show your pearly whites to let him know that you’re interested.

You’re always with friends

For some men, approaching a woman who is always surrounded by friends and other people can be quite intimidating, as it sets him up for the possibility of embarrassment in front of not only you, but other women.

The fix

If you notice a man who is sending you vibes and glancing at you, find a way to make yourself alone. Go order a drink at the bar for your girls or check out the place a bit more without your friends following behind.

You give off a diva attitude

Men seem to be able to quickly pick up on a woman who is a definite diva, and to be honest, there aren’t many men out there who are looking to get close and intimate with someone like that.

The fix

Having a little diva in you isn’t a bad thing as it’s what makes you who you are. But, when you’re out and about, try to tone down the diva-ness, otherwise the number of men that approach you is going to stay pretty minimal.

You lack confidence

If you walk into a room with your shoulders forward and your head lowered, it’s unlikely that a man is going to be daring enough to approach you. Your posture is a clear-cut signal to a man of how self-assured, or timid, you are.

The fix

Men always notice the woman in the room who makes her presence known without even saying a word. Work on your confidence and know that you can walk into a room and own it, which in turn is going to make men more likely to notice and approach you.

You’re overly flirty

There’s nothing wrong with flirting, but if you’re flirting with every man at the bar and being aggressive, other men are going to notice. For most men, seeing a woman flirt with every single guy is a turn off, and he’ll automatically mark you as someone who can’t be taken seriously.

The fix

Don’t not flirt, but pay attention to how many men and how often you’re flirting. If you want men to notice you and to approach you, take a step back and allow them to come to you. Then turn it up a notch.

You have a chip on your shoulder

If a man sees you turning down other men and belittling them because you’ve got bitter black woman syndrome written all over you don’t expect to be approached.

The fix

If you want to prove your negative theories about men wrong it’s important that you be warm and inviting. Some guard is necessary to weed through the red flags but no one is attracted to someone who just wants to tear them down.

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