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They may think they’re being funny, flattering or charming, but they’re not—when guys do this in an attempt to flirt, they’re just being rude!











Insult your drink choice

Tell you your drink is gross or weak, as an excuse to buy you a different one. If they want to buy you a drink—fine. They shouldn’t insult your drink choice!












Insult the bar

In some strange attempt to start up a conversation, a guy might say, “This place is so lame, right?” Um…wrong! You chose to be at that bar. You obviously like it!








Suggest you’re a wing woman/third wheel

Asking if you need someone to talk to while your friend is flirting with someone else, or straight up asking if you’re a third wheel. If a guy wants to get you alone, he doesn’t need to point out that you’re alone.

Say everybody at the bar is boring

“Everybody here is so boring, right?” Somehow some guys think it’s flattering to say this before they start chatting with you. But essentially they’re demanding you be amusing.






Criticize the guy you were just talking to

“Who was super-deep-V guy?” That’s a way to show a guy’s incredibly low-self-esteem card: just insult a guy he knows nothing about.








Tell you that you don’t look happy

“Smile baby! Why so sad?” Thanks for implying I stand around with a b*tch face on.









Interrupt your conversation

Guys, learn how to look for a natural opening. If two women are leaned over a table closely talking, they don’t want to be interrupted.

Grab your phone out of your hands

Some guys think it’s playful to grab your cell phone out of your hand if you’re texting at a bar, as a means to suggest you should be engaging more. It’s not playful.
















Suggest you need a drink

“You look like you need a drink.” Oh, okay. So you just told me I look like I don’t know how to have fun.













Try to send you over to their friend

“My friend over there likes you. You should go talk to him.” Excuse me…your friend can approach me if he’s so interested. I’m not some candy gram you can send around!









Sit at your table without asking

Just because there are empty chairs, doesn’t mean they’re there for you to sit in. If we want you at our table, we’ll invite you.








Say they “accidentally ordered too many drinks”

And give us one. We’re not charity cases! If you want to buy us a drink, just do that.








Pay for your drink without asking

Going to pay your tab only to find some guy you don’t know already picked it up isn’t charming: it’s creepy! Guys: ask if you can pick up our tab.













Approach too drunk

Just, no.


Tease your outfit

“Did you just come from the librarians convention?” So…I’m dressed conservatively and that’s supposed to flatter me how exactly?

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