Life is Good For Regina Hall: Actress Talks Womanhood, White Diamonds & Embracing Singleness at 43

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We’ve heard that there’s going to be a Best Man 3. What do you think is going to happen with that?

I really don’t know. Honestly, the great thing about sequels is getting to get together with your cast again. Working on a film, you never get to have that familial unit you do when you’re shooting.

I think he’ll [Director Malcolm Lee] will keep it on a lighter note.

We sit around as a cast and ask what do you think will happen in the next one. Malcolm is being tight lipped. And of course he doesn’t want to hear any of our suggestions. We’re like ‘Malcolm do you think I should be…’ And he’s like I don’t even want to talk to you right now. We’re like ‘Okay.’ It’s kind of exciting to see what it will be.


Recently, you signed on to be an ambassador for Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Why did you feel like this was a good fit?

I love Elizabeth Taylor. The reason I always was such a fan, I read her New York Times Best seller. She was one of the people who I felt equally possessed the same amount of talent as she did beauty. Her work that she did throughout her entire career–I watched her on “General Hospital” what I always loved her was that she was elegant. Whenever I do red carpet looks one of the things that I like is to always make sure that there’s a sense of elegance and class. And I felt like she always exuded that. White Diamonds Lustre is the new scent that they have. And I love the fragrance that’s the first thing. But I felt like it was kind of representative of who she was. Just because i see her as such an icon, working with her team seemed natural to me. You have to get behind something that is actually kind of true to who you are, true to what you want to say that makes the same statement that you feel like resonates with who you are. And I feel like Elizabeth Taylor has always been that. Of course I wish I had as many diamonds as she does…but I’ll have to settle for the perfume for now.


You said on Conan that you’re working on embracing your feminine side. Did that have anything to do with this partnership?

It does. You know I think a fragrance… It’s funny, I had never–through my teen years and in college I just would spray on something someone else had. But when you have a fragrance that’s feminine and glamorous… what I think I like about it is that it  feels polished. It makes me feel a lot more feminine. It’s amazing the nuances of who you are, are encapsulated in a scent. But it’s important that it be something that you actually like. And so I don’t know I spray it on and it feels interesting to see men respond too. Not just women because women love it but men respond and they go ‘What are you wearing?’ What I think is amazing is that I dab it on when I’m not looking red carpet but I know that at least I smell it. So it’s great.


In an interview you did with Modern Dog, you explained how your dog Zeus helped you embrace your life as it is now. You said that you saw yourself being married with kids by now. Women are always getting these questions like ‘How are you still single?‘ ‘Why are you still single?’ How did you come to embrace your life not being as you pictured it?

I know that in our culture and in a lot of cultures there exists that as an ideal that a woman should be married. That is the period of exclamation point upon the sentence of her life. And for many women that may be true. But what I find is that I ask myself most importantly ‘Am I happy?’ and I feel like I’m so happy. My life is so rich in so many ways with friends and love and purpose. And it’s not even that I have to focus on that. i just know that. I think when you really settle into your own journey as opposed to the thought process of where you thought you would be or thought you should be or the people around you. And when you stay true really to  where you are, knowing that you are really on your own journey and life’s purpose. And that it’s wonderful! I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. But that doesn’t mean that I think marriage wouldn’t be great. It just means that in this particular moment this is what life has been generous enough to offer and so I say yes to it. And I enjoy what I have as opposed to focusing on what, culturally, on what you think you should have.

And I think women collectively are at an amazing place in time. They are so smart, so evolved, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and if we really embrace that, you know I’m on the phone doing an amazing interview with a woman. And wearing a fragrance that was created by an amazing woman. I had press today and the two representatives I worked with, they were women. That’s an amazing feeling to look and see that. And it doesn’t matter to me whether they’re married or not. I feel their joy and I hope that’s what people feel from me.

If God so provides a husband, that’s amazing too. I don’t think one is less or better we just each have our different roles in life.

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