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Going to catholic school is the equivalent of being a PK, that’s preacher’s kid. Everyone’s judging you because your parents could actually afford (or got a grant) to send you to an expensive school and they either assume you’re already bad as hell (remember the catholic school girls are freaks rumors?) or they’re watching for the first sign of you to mess up so they can say you ought to know better, being watched over by preacher’s and nuns all day. Sigh.

I personally wouldn’t go back to high school if you paid me too, but one thing I enjoy now as an adult is relishing in the fact that every kid across the globe who was taught by someone at a St. Martin de Porres, Mary Immaculate, Notre Dame high school can relate to these things. Here are 12 signs you went to Catholic school.

The first thing you did when you walked inside the school doors was roll up your skirt

When you’re rocking plaid on a daily, you gotta do something to get the boys.

And the first thing you did when the bell rang was change into street clothes

Nobody who you didn’t want to know needed to know you went to a “good school.”

You wore the same pants four days in a row and nobody knew

When your only pant options are navy and khaki, no one can really call you out on whether you’re wearing a fresh pair or not.

Gospel choir was the blackest thing about your school

And the only time they got shine was during Black History Month. The rest of the year it was all about Glee Club.

And The school band sucked

You know only public school bands were allowed to remix traditional songs with popular rap and R&B beats while their football players were on the field.

You know what 50 cent jeans day is

Remember how you would have the opportunity to donate to some random cause every other month just so you could dress down one Friday?

You know at least one person who got it on in the school chapel

Inappropriate. But fact.

You actually know what mass is

For y’all public school kids, that’s church. 🙂

And you tried catholic communion at least one time

Just to see what it tasted like. You didn’t drink out of that gold goblet everyone else put their lips on though.

Every year you complained about uniforms like something was going to change

And every year your mom continued to buy you new plaid skirts and polo tops.

There was always that one student who might not come back because their parents couldn’t afford tuition

Let’s be honest, tuition at a Catholic high school is as expensive as, if not more than, some state and junior colleges. The financial struggle was/is real.

You secretly thought you were better than public school kids

You mostly thought this because public school kids were always coming for you about being privileged and you needed some sort of comeback. *Shrug*

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