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Hey All!  Are you ready for another Where Are They Now?  I sure hope so!

This time, we’re going back to the greatness that was TGIF and remember the greatness that was Mr. Cooper and the people who was hangin’ with him.  The show, which was a sister series to “Full House,” became a very successful component to the TGIF lineup and lasted for five seasons.  But where are these actors now?

Mark Curry

Mark Curry played the titular character, Mark Cooper.  He was a retired ball player who became a substitute teacher and gym coach.  While dealing with the madness of crazy students and faculty, he also dealt with the craziness of his two female roommates, and soon his family when they popped up in the second season.

After Hangin’ ended, Mark Curry consistently worked.  He appeared in bit parts in shows like “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Martin,” and in movies like Armageddon.  He became a recurring character on “The Drew Carey Show” when he became Drew’s new boss.  But in 2006, while doing laundry, the funny man was caught in a very serious explosion in his laundry room that left him with burns on 18% of his body.  After moments of depression and thoughts of suicide due to the accident Mr. Curry was able to pull himself out of it by the help of his fellow comedians, as he shared in a People magazine interview:

 “After the accident, it was comedians who called me. It was Sinbad on the phone making me laugh. Martin Lawrence called, the Wayans brothers. When Bill Cosby calls you, jokes with you, it inspires you. He told me to keep my head up and be strong. I started crying when he was on the phone. After I got off the phone with him, I walked for the first time since the accident. I got up onstage [at a San Francisco comedy club] three, four days after I got out of the hospital. I had to do comedy. I thought it might be my last time onstage, and I wanted to get up and talk about this.”

Since then, he has continued to do stand-up, and act.  He can currently be seen as Marcus on the popular Nick-at Nite show “See Dad Run.”


Holly Robinson Peete

as Vanessa Russell

Before Holly Robinson Peete was Vanessa, one of Mr. Cooper’s roommates, but soon became his love interest, she was Sargent Judy Hoffs on the hit show 21 Jump Street.

Mrs. Holly has proved her ability to sustain multiple series and continued to do so after leaving “Mr. Cooper.”  She continues to act and appeared in shows like “For Your Love,” “One on One,” “Like Family,” “Mike and Molly,” and the popular ten minute series “Blue.”  She also made a brief cameo on the 21 Jump Street film in 2012.  She had a brief stint as a host on The Talk, but that ended due to a bit of confusion and controversy.

When she’s not acting, she’s raising her family and awareness for Parkinson disease and autism, with her and her husband’s organization, The HollyRod Foundation.  With each issue personally affecting the duo (Holly’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson, and their son has autism).  On top of that, her books have won awards, and since her son goes to school with Mark Curry’s daughter, the two still sees each other on a regular basis.  So yes, she is still “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”


Dawnn Lewis

as Robin Dumars

Though Robin Dumars was only on the show for one season, she was essentially the catalyst for the show.  Mark Cooper was an old friend of hers, and she invited him to stay with her and Vanessa, and she also got him the teaching job.

Robin couldn’t exist as greatly as she did if not for the acting talents of Dawnn Lewis.  Dawnn, who some of us are familiar with due to her role in “A Different World,” has not only maintained her position as a force in television, but cinema, voice acting and music as well.  After “HWMC” Dawnn won a Grammy, and the coveted title of songwriter of the year from ASCAP and BMI.  She released an album “Worth Waiting For” in 2006, which seemed to get pretty good reviews.  She provided her voice talents to shows like “Futurama,” “The Cleveland Show,” “The Regular Show” and the animated feature DINO MOM.  Along with acting in movies (Dream Girls and The Preacher’s Kid), she is a hit on the stage, in the production of Sister Act, The Divorce and The Marriage.

She just finished wrapping up a movie named Revival!  Her list of accomplishments are too many to name, so just check out her bio and prepare to be amazed like I was!



Nell Carter

as Pamela Jane PJ Moore

Nell Carter had experienced extreme highs in her career and lows in her personal life.  Though she had won a Tony award for her role in the Broadway musical Ain’t Misbehavin’, and an Emmy for the television version of the show, she also suffered from a past of mental and verbal abuse from her mother, an unplanned pregnancy due to a rape, drug addiction, two brain aneurysms, and diabetes.  After getting clean for the last time (with the help of Liza Minnelli) and continuing to work through all these setback, Nell took the role of Pamela “PJ” Moore on HWMC.

Pamela was the principal of the school that Mr. Cooper substituted at, and was also his former babysitter.

After the third season, Nell Carter left, and continued to act in movies, shows, and did voice acting in various popular cartoons.  Most notably, she was in “Touched by an Angel,” “Reba,” and “Alley McBeal.”

Sadly, after 54 years of life, Nell Carter passed away due to the complications that comes with diabetes.  She was survived by her partner, Ann Kaser, and her three children.


Saundra Quarterman

as Geneva Lee

Geneva was Mark’s cousin from Georgia, who seemed slightly out of place in California’s splendor.  But, she had her daughter, Nicole, with her and a great job as a music teacher which soon turned into the principal position.

After the end of Mr. Cooper, Saundra continued to act and appeared on shows like “City of Angels,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “American Dreams.  She had a recurring role in the show “Strange World.”  It seems that her last documented acting role was on the show “Without a Trace in 2006.  Below is a video of her performing two poems that she wrote.


as Nicole Lee

In 2007, Raven’s  net-worth was a reportedly $400 million dollars.  This woman has been working ever since she was three years old, so it’s not a surprise.  To reach that goal, she took the role of Nicole Lee on Mr. Cooper, playing the daughter of his cousin.

There’s very little to say about Raven, except the fact that her work ethic is definitely something to be admired.  From having her own hit show “That’s So Raven,” releasing albums, appearing in the musical franchise Cheetah Girls, appearing in movies, and divulging into voice acting.

Raven has kept her name good in these streets (unlike her former roommate, Lindsay Lohan, who seems to be on her way now), but has had to deal with questions about her sexuality.

In 2013, she reconnected with Mark Curry as she appeared on the show “See Dad Run as a talk show host.  She just finished the movie Loose, with Meagan Good, and is rumored to be currently doing voice acting for the movie Legend of the Never Beast, which features the fairy character Iridessa, which she has voiced previously.



Marquise Wilson

as Tyler Foster

Tyler was the adorable, but sometimes annoying neighbor and friend to Nicole.  The two were best friends, and always a great source of entertainment.

Marquise, who’d started acting as a child continued to do so after the show reached its end.  He appeared in a number of very popular shows.  A few of them are “Touched by an Angel,” “NYPD Blue” and “Six Feet Under.”  He also did the voice of Juka and Tuka on the popular Nickelodeon show “The Wild Thornberries,” and was in the movie Slammed.  Now, he has a son, and is currently producing music, writing, and working on a clothing line.

You can hear his growth from this recent interview he did in January of this year.



Omar Gooding

as Earvin Rodman

Coming from a family of entertainers, it’s natural that Omar would also go to into a career of entertainment.  After being one-third of the trio for “Wild and Crazy Kids” (who didn’t love that show?!), he went on to play Earvin on The Coop’s show (Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, just to make that clear).

After that show, he went to be on a large number of shows and movies.  Most notably, Smart Guy, The Division, One on One, Deadwood, Play Makers, Barbershop, and Single Ladies.  He also did voice acting, appearing in Batman Beyond, and has a number of movies that he just finished shooting that are in pre-production right now.  He also raps.

According to TMZ, he was arrested for a DUI in 2013.  That seems to be the only blip on his personal radar.



Roger E. Mosley

as Coach Rickets

One of the best things about working is dealing with your kooky coworkers, and Coach Rickets was one of Mark’s.

Roger E. Mosley had a pretty long standing career before taking on this show, and after.  He expanded his resume by becoming a director and appearing in things like A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Walker Texas Ranger, Rude Awakening, What Should You Do?,  FCU:  Fact Checker Unit, and more.


George Lemore

as Isaac

Isaac was a student in Mr. Cooper’s gym class, and he was portrayed by actor George Lemore.

George Lemore went on to appear in Candyman 2:  Farewell to the Flesh, Steel, “Smart Guy,” and “Moesha.”

After Moesha he’s been relatively quiet on the acting front.

I’m assuming that when he was on Moesha, he met Ray J, and the two became friends.  Well, on “For the Love of Ray J,” season 1, episode 9 (“Smashing Homies”), the final three girls meet Ray’s friends.  There’s one named “Young Buck,” whose real name is George Lemore.  I don’t know if this is the same one, but he does look like him.

Besides being the target of a few rumors,  George remains relatively quiet, but still appears to be friends with Ray-J.

But, if you’re trying to test your sleuthing, I’m going to put up the clip of the “For the Love of Ray J” episode.  The guy who is George/Young Buck is the one in the white hoody.  Let me know in the comment section if you think that this is the same guy.


Dominic Hoffman

as Thaddeus White

Before Vanessa and Cooper got together, she was in a relationship with Thaddeus White, her annoying boyfriend in season 2.  The actor, who not only appeared on “A Different World,” but wrote three episodes of the popular series, is Dominic Hoffman.

After Mr. Cooper, he continues to add to his long resume, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.  A shortened list of his acting credentials includes movie 1-8-7, “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “The Shield,” “The Mentalist,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Castle.”

Ron Canada

as Chet Corley

It took a small minute before Mark Cooper got the permanent coach position, and before he had it, it was given to Coach Chet Corley.

Ron Canada is the epitome of the working actor.  He was a working force in Hollywood for years before becoming Coach Corley.  After his time on HWMC, he went on to keep right on acting.

In his extremely long list of credentials, you can find his acting talents in shows and movies like “Star Trek” (where the photo is from), Pinocchio’s Revenge, Murder One, In Too Deep (with Omar Epps, NOT Mekhi Phifer), “City of Angels,” “Philly,”  “The Shield,” “One on One,” “The West Wing,” “Weeds,” “Boston Legal,” and currently “Elementary.”  Just to name a very small few of his credits.


Kristoff St. James

as Eric Thompson

Before Vanessa finally ended up with Mark, she was dating and was eventually engaged to Eric Thompson.  The two moved, but Vanessa returned and eventually ended in the arms of Mark Cooper.

Kristoff St. James had a strong career before, and continues to have one now.  After the show, he appeared in great shows like “Martin,” “Living Single,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “General Hospital,” “Love that Girl,” and is currently on “The Young and the Restless,” which he has received two Daytime Emmy Awards for.




Don Cheadle

as Bennie

I was debating adding Mr. Cheadle, but I felt that it was a good thing to do for anyone who is attempting to follow their dreams.

Don Cheadle portrayed Bennie, a dimwitted friend of Mark, who only appeared in three episodes (Don was in two of those episodes).

From there, Don has showed off his acting chops in a number of top movies (Crash, Hotel Rwanda, The Oceans franchise, Iron Man franchise, Swordfish, Avengers), marking his as an A-List actor.  But don’t take my word for it, just look at his long list of movies, TV shows, awards, and nominations.  Or watch his current extremely show, the Showtime series House of Lies.  On top of that, he’s a humanitarian!  He, along with other A-list fellas, created the organization “Not on Our Watch“:

“Not On Our Watch is committed to robust international advocacy and humanitarian assistance. Drawing upon figures with uniquely powerful voices, we develop advocacy campaigns that bring global attention to international crises and give voice to their victims. We target mass media and international press, and engage world leadership.”

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