The First Things Men Notice About Your Apartment

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Having a guy over for the first time? If you really want to give him an accurate impression of who you are, leave your home exactly as it is OR…keep in mind what he thinks when he sees these things. It could be nice to at least start with a good impression.




Are your clothes put away?

If clothes are sprawled across your furniture, this tells a guy that you lead a very busy life, and an active social life, so you have to change outfits several times a day between work and the gym and drinks, and don’t have time to put things away. If clothes are on the floor, this shows neglect of your personal items. If clothes are always folded or hung up, without even one thing out, you might look OCD!

Is your fridge stocked or empty?

If you keep an over-stocked fridge, your guy might wonder if you have enough of a social life—don’t you have friends to go out to eat with? If your fridge is empty, that could tell him you’re not in a place of settling down. You like to be out of the house all of the time, which isn’t necessarily conducive to a calm relationship. If you have enough groceries to get you through a workweek and maybe some takeout boxes, you just look stable but busy.

Is your bed made?

If it looks like you just got out of bed and forgot to do a little tucking in, that’s normal—you were just in a hurry. But if you have two balls of sheets on the floor, a sideways bedspread falling off the bed and pillows without pillow cases, that probably means your messy bed didn’t bother you at all…for like a whole week. If your bed is perfectly made, you’re a neat freak.

How many things are on your bed?

Do you have three rows of decorative pillows? A man doesn’t exactly think he can get wild with you in bed if it looks like a window display. Do you have stuffed animals? Those might creep a guy out…For the most part men are comfortable around minimal bed setups, like two to four pillows, a set of sheets and a comforter.

Are there visible signs of sex?

Can he see a box of condoms in an open closet door? Is your lingerie visible? Do you have a box of sex toys peeking out from under the bed? Even if you didn’t mean for him to see those things, you also weren’t worried enough to go out of your way to hide them, which means you’re very comfortable with your sexuality. But also may be promiscuous.




Do you have pictures of your friends?

If you have friends you’ve known longer than one year, and actually close friends, you’ll have pictures. It’s mostly people who are flaky or can’t keep close relationships that don’t have pictures of friends. Keep a set of friends around long enough, and pictures happen.

Do you have pictures of your family?

Women are usually big on the family photos so, if you have zero, it makes a man think you have a severed relationship with your family. And then it makes him wonder why…




If you have a dog, does he run the house?

If you have a dog, is there dog kibble all over the house, have his beds clearly never been cleaned, is there dog hair all over the furniture, and do most of your socks and underwear have holes bitten into them? If so, your guy knows your dog runs the house! And that you could very well cancel dates because your dog “looks depressed” or that the dog has to sleep on the bed, even during sex.

Do you have self-help books?

If you have stacks of books on how to love yourself, how to assert yourself, how to treat yourself, how to find inner peace and so on, hide these: you don’t need a man thinking you’re still totally figuring out who you are.

Do you have posters?

Do you have posters up of bands you like, cities you want to travel to or have traveled to, replicas of paintings from your favorite famous artists? If you have nothing decorating your walls other than generic items from Target, it may look like you have no passion or dreams.

Do you have mail piled up?

It might look like you suffer from Peter Pan syndrome if you have bills and correspondence from weeks ago that you haven’t replied to yet. And if you let the spam mail pile up, that just looks messy.



Do you get tons of catalogs?

If you have clothing catalogs, furniture catalogs, vacation home catalogs, kitchen appliance catalogs, etc. this shows that you’re a bit of an unrealistic dreamer. You like to obsessively look at lifestyles just out of reach for you. But it could also show you’re a compulsive spender.

Do you have things you made yourself?

It’s great if you have a pot or some jewelry you made, but if around every corner is a picture frame, decorative jewelry holder, bird feeder, wind chimes and playful mailbox that you made, that might scream, “Somebody’s ready to be a mom!” You have the urge to create…

What kind of booze do you keep around?

If you have tons of half drunk bottles of wine, it may look like you spend most nights at home drinking alone. If you have two-dozen unopened bottles, then you need to live a little more! If you have a stocked bar of unopened handles of hard liquor, this shows you wish you hosted parties, but never do.

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