Now New Friends? Crazy Rules Some Women Expect Their Men To Follow

February 4, 2014  |  
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Before you start questioning if you’re too “tough” of a girlfriend, just consider some of these insane rules women expect men to follow and then make a decision.







No female friends

Some super insecure, controlling or paranoid women don’t allow their men to have female friends! They won’t even allow them to work on a work project with a female coworker unless they’re there to chaperone, or another male coworker is guaranteed to be there.








The problem with that

While the idea behind prohibiting your man from having female friends is to avoid any comparisons he might make, or any thoughts of, “Maybe I should be with her instead” the problem is that the guy probably wasn’t even going to make those comparisons in the first place! But now that other females have become such a novelty to him, he’ll make comparisons all of the time and maybe even cheat.







Scheduled sex

We all value a good night’s rest, and time for a little cuddling, but some women impose a sort of “bed time” on their men for sex. In other words, if the man isn’t ready to have sex by a certain hour, he doesn’t get sex that night.






The problem with that

Even if the guy would have, on his own, been in the mood by the set hour, realizing he is staying within some “guideline” will immediately make him feel emasculated, and cause him to struggle to perform. He’ll stop looking forward to sex altogether when he knows spontaneity is basically out of the question.



Frank’s not allowed to come over

Everybody’s got some friend of their partner’s who they just can’t stand. For some couples who live together, the female lays down the law that the annoying friend in question is not allowed over at the house!





The problem with that

If any rule of yours is causing your man to go through a lot of trouble—like making him go out and spend money at a restaurant just to see his friend, when he couldn’t really afford to spend money that night, or making him schedule extra time to see that friend solo, when he could have just had him over to your barbecue—he’ll start to resent you. And question if he even wants to be in that relationship. Plus, he’s a grown man! You can’t tell him who to be friends with.

Constant hand holding in public

A little PDA is always a nice affirmation from your man. But some women insist that, when they’re out in public with their guy, he be holding their hand, having his arm around their shoulder or touching her in some way at all times. If he disengages for even a moment, she’ll get angry.







The problem with that

Just like the scheduled sex, if you apply rules to something that is otherwise very enjoyable, men will stop enjoying it altogether. Even you as the woman will fail to enjoy the physical contact because you’ll never know for sure if he’s doing it because he wants to or because he has to.





No texting during date day…all day

It’s nice when couples set aside one day a week to spend quality time together. But some women are strict about alone time, and don’t let anyone else interfere in any way. They force their man to leave his phone at home the entire day, and not respond to any texts, emails or calls until date day is over.




The problem with that

Your man will not enjoy date day if he’s afraid that his mom thinks something bad has happened to him because they haven’t touched base in a few days, or if he thinks his boss might have called with a work emergency. He’ll be far more distracted worrying all day about one little call he might be missing than he would have been by just taking ten minutes to attend to that call.






“I love you” at the end of every phone call

Sometimes phone calls with your long-term partner can become so utilitarian, always about buying new toilet paper and schedules. So it can be nice to add a little touch at the end, like saying “I love you” that brings affection and playfulness back into the mix. But some women force their men to say it at the end of every call—even if it’s just a twenty second call to say he’s running late—or else a fight breaks out.






The problem with that

He’ll stop loving you. He will.










Goodnight texts/calls every night, no matter what

When you love someone, you want to know that they’re safe at the end of each day before you close your eyes to sleep. But some women insist that they have a goodnight call or text with their partner every single night, even if one is traveling and the time difference is crazy, or even if one is handling an emergency family situation.




The problem with that

Similar to the rule about a certain friend not being allowed at the house, this rule can be a major hassle. And if your guy feels on a daily basis that he deals with a hassle because of you, he’ll start to reconsider the relationship.

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