Reasons Women End Friendships That Men Never Would

January 28, 2014  |  
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Women can’t compartmentalize their friendships: either everybody has to get along in every situation, or somebody gets the boot. Men sort of pick and choose friends, tailoring the relationships the way they see fit. Here are 14 reasons women end friendships that men never would.

Your boyfriend doesn’t like her

Your boyfriend think she’s a bad influence, or she’s a drain on you, or she’s slutty and could tarnish your reputation, or she’s just not going anywhere with her life and that you should hang with more ambitious people. Some women make big sacrifices for their relationships—sometimes too big—like giving up a close friend. If you didn’t like your man’s good friend, he would just say, “Deal with it.”

She doesn’t like your boyfriend

Like I said before, some women will make unreasonable sacrifices to maintain a romantic relationship. When a woman has stubbornly sunk her heels into a relationship with a man, no warnings from her friends will shake her. But she might shake the friends out of her life. Again, if your man’s friends didn’t like you, he’d probably still say to them, “Deal with it.” Or, he might even listen to them and give you the boot!

She’s a drunk

She’s a huge partier—it’s all she ever wants to do and she won’t do anything sober like go to a museum or the park—and you want a more varied social life, so you give her the boot altogether. Men don’t mind having that reckless, drunk friend: they just call him up when they’re in the mood to party, and don’t call him up when they’re going to the park. It’s that simple.

She only calls every few months

She clearly doesn’t prioritize you highly enough, so she’s out. For female friendships to survive, there usually needs to be hangouts or phone calls at least once a month. With men though, if they have a good time with a certain friend, and he only calls every few months, that’s fine: if they’re free when that bi-annual call comes, they’ll hang out.

She disappeared when she had a boyfriend

Women never forgive their friend for falling off the face of the planet when she was in a relationship. If a woman does that just once, she’s usually out of the circle of friends forever. Men get it though when one of their buddies holes up with a new girlfriend: why wouldn’t he want to get laid as much as possible? And when he becomes single again, the group welcomes him with open arms, no hard feelings.

She stole your crush

You liked a guy in your social circle—nothing ever happened with him, but it was common knowledge you were into him—but he ended up liking your friend. They dated. Friendship over. Guys take more of a “single women are fair game” and “let the best man win” approach.

She stole the guy you had one conversation with

Out at a club one night, you were hitting it off with a guy at the bar, giggling, tossing your hair, about to exchange digits…when your friend stumbled upon you two and stole the spotlight, ruining your chances. Goodbye to her. Again: men understand that if their buddy gets the girl, that’s who was supposed to get her. They just go find another one.

She cheated on her man

It’s important for women to have almost identical ethics to those of their friends. Often if a woman cheats on her boyfriend or husband, she’ll see her friends slowly abandon her. Men, for better or for worse, stick by their friends, even when they make ethically questionable decisions.

She talked sh*t

You found out your friend spoke about you behind your back, saying you get too clingy in relationships, or that you sleep around, and you give her the boot. Even if what she said was totally accurate, guys will usually just have a good, “What the hell man?!” shouting match, get it out of their systems, maybe even admit the other one was right, and move on.

She’s clingy

She texts you every day, all day. She wants to know what you’re doing every night. She wants to talk on the phone an hour a day. So you completely ignore her until she gets the hint and goes away. If a man is bothering another man like that, the bothered guy usually just says, “I’m not into texting every day and I don’t want to hang out every weekend” and that’s it.

She ditched you at a bar to go home with a guy

If two women go to a bar together, and one leaves the other one to go home with a guy, that will at best end in a big fight, and at worst end in a friendship breakup. But when two men go to a bar together, they intend on leaving separately, with women.

She always turns down invitations

Every time you invite one friend to hangout, she is too busy or just feels like staying in. So you stop inviting her altogether. If men like a certain friend who never comes around, they feel it’s no skin off their back to keep sending the invitations—it takes two seconds—and if the guy doesn’t come, no big deal, if he does, great! They’re glad they kept asking.

She’s an emotional mess

Every conversation is all about her—her neurosis, her insecurities, her relationship problems, her “issues”—and it’s exhausting. Women will cut friends like that out of their life entirely. Men will just avoid one-on-one situations with such a friend, but continue to invite him to group situations.

She never takes your dating advice

After you’ve warned her time and time again about a guy who keeps screwing her over, she keeps going back to him. Women will end friendships all the time when they don’t feel their advice is being heeded. Men don’t give one another advice expecting a reward. They just give it, and forget they gave it. They figure it’s their friend’s life: he can make mistakes if he wants to.

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