14 Unique Conversation Starters To Avoid Awkward Silences

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First dates can be exciting, anxiety-filled, and awkward all at once. One of the biggest issues that can turn a first date sour is conversation, more so the lack of conversation. Without quality conversation on the first date, there’s bound to be awkward silences, weird topics, and one-sided talking that can make the whole date a wash. Before going on a date, be prepared to talk! Here are 14 proven conversation starters to get things going.

Compliment him in some way

Compliments can definitely lead to a nice conversation, but you have to be sure to add something to the compliment. If you think that this man’s shirt is really nice, tell him that, and then ask him where he bought it. This should definitely get a conversation brewing and it should keep those awkward silences out of the picture.

Talk about life goals

Talking about the future on the first date can be a bit daring, but if you do it correctly, there’s nothing wrong about it. Ask him what his all-time goals are for the future. Ask him what his dream job is or where he’d love to live. These are all great topics to talk about without seeming like you’re trying to plan a future with him at this minute.

Childhood crushes

When we were all younger, we had some pretty odd childhood crushes. Maybe you had a thing for a Disney character and maybe your man was head over heels in love with a cartoon. In any event, talk about it! This is sure to be a hilarious conversation that will get the two of you laughing.


Talking about your favorite musicians and his favorite musicians can get pretty boring, so put a twist on it. Talk about bands and artists that you used to like but don’t like anymore. Talk about how your taste in music has changed or how it’s pretty much stayed the same since you were younger.


Similarly to music, you can definitely add some excitement to the topic of movies. Don’t just talk about your favorite movies or which movies you can’t wait to see, ask him what movie he thinks he fits into, or ask him if he had to make a movie, what it would be about. These will get the two of you thinking.

Talk about early memories

Nostalgia is one way to get someone talking. Ask this man if he can remember his first time riding a bike or ask him about his most embarrassing memory from when he was young. Talk about your nights at college or about your funniest past dating stories.

Past time periods

If you really want to get each other thinking and talking, ask your date if he had to choose any period of time from the past, which one would he would like to live through and experience. This is a pretty interesting topic to talk about and you can easily learn more about each other.

Fads from the past

As time passes, fads from the past fade away and new fads pop up. To get each other talking and definitely laughing, talk about the fads that you two used to follow. Which ones were the most ridiculous? Which fads do you two miss? Do you think any past fads will come back around? These are all great questions and topics to pose to each other.

Lucky items

If a sporting season is in swing during the time of your date, now is the perfect time to talk about lucky items. Maybe your date has lucky socks that he wears each time his NFL team plays or maybe you have a certain necklace that you have to wear when your team plays. This is bound to bring up some funny stories.

Reality TV

It’s rare that you’ll find a guy who wants to talk about some reality TV show, so put a little twist into this topic. Ask him what kind of reality TV show his life would be like, which network would air it, and then of course talk about yours. This topic is bound to be pretty funny to talk about, and in the end you can decide if you’d watch each others’ shows or not. All around this is just a lighthearted conversation to have.


Throughout our lives, we all acquire some pretty funny nicknames. During the date, bring up the topic of old and new nicknames. Talk about the meaning and background behind the nicknames as well as who gave them, and so on. Talking about each others’ nicknames, both past and present, will be pretty entertaining.


Food can be a hit or miss topic, so it’s up to you, and your date, to make it more interesting than it usually turns out to be. Instead of just talking about your favorite foods, talk about foods that you’re really good at cooking, recipe fails, and so on. Talking about food doesn’t have to be boring and short.


Talking about where you’ve been and where you want to go is sure to spark a quality conversation. Ask your date about the various places he’s traveled, ask about his favorite, his least favorite, and places he still wants to travel to in the future. At the same time, talk about your travel experiences, tell stories, and keep things interesting.


Since the entire world seems to be obsessed with zombies, why not talk about it on your date? Ask him what he’d do in the event of a zombie attack and maybe even ask him if he’s prepared or not! This conversation is likely to be pretty funny and unrealistic at the same time, but in the end it’s a great way to get the words flowing. At the very least you’ll end up talking about “The Walking Dead.”

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