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Publisher of popular women’s magazine Sister 2 Sister, Dr. Jamie Foster Brown, knows where the bodies are buried. The entrepreneur and media maven has been in the industry for years, which means naturally, she has seen and heard a lot. So it isn’t exactly shocking when she says that there’s a lot more to the TLC story than what was shown in the controversial biopic. The University of Stockholm graduate recently appeared on Sirius XM radio show, Sway in the Morning, where she spilled some tea on Pebbles Reid and the TLC exposé that will appear in the upcoming issue of Sister 2 Sister.

“Pebbles has been quiet for years. She and I have talked for so long and she’s held so much in. In fact, when this biopic just came out, she called me and she was livid. [She was like], ‘Nobody really knows, I’ve kept this quiet for twenty years and I’ve been the bad guy for twenty years.’ But it was her daughter, Ashley, who called and said, ‘Well, you know mom only had a production deal.’ So when they have a production deal, they only get like sixteen cents off the dollar. Then, you gotta split that four ways with the artist. The record company is that one that gets all of the money. That was of course, L.A. Reid and Clive Davis. So the bulk of the money went to them, ” Dr. Foster Brown explained.

The media maven went on to say that she’s not sure why Pebbles never defended herself against TLC’s accusations.

“I don’t know understand why Pebbles has really allowed people to dog her down like that for all of these years,” she continued.

Jamie added that Pebbles will be telling the whole story in an upcoming issue of Sister 2 Sister.

“In the next issue she talks about it. She talks about it, Left Eye’s uncle talks about it. I mean, we got everybody in there talking about what happened during that time—in the issue that I’m putting out next.”

As for whether or not all of the drama will tarnish TLC’s legacy, Jamie hinted that some of the things that are about to be exposed about the girls will be pretty troubling.

“Not really, when you listen to the music. When I was watching the show I was like, ‘Oh my God, I forgot they had that hit and that hit!’ I think the music will live forever. It’s not gonna be the sweetest thing for Tionne and them because there’s other stuff that’s coming out on those girls. It’s just a lot that happened during that time, especially Left Eye’s family. They’re very upset about how she was portrayed in that film,” Jamie said.

Though she didn’t go into detail about everything that is about to be exposed, she did seem to imply that T-Boz and Chilli mistreated Left Eye.

“Left Eye called me, I remember, I was in France. It was 1 o’clock in the morning. I was in Paris and the phone rings. It’s my staff and they say, ‘Left Eye is on the phone. She doesn’t care where you are. She needs to talk to you right now because she’s really upset about what the girls are saying about her and what she’s doing and she needs to talk to you now!’ I had to take a lot of time with Left Eye and when she passed, everybody was telling the mother, ‘Oh my God, we’ll take care of you. Don’t worry.’ She didn’t hear from anybody.”

“The mother was so devastated. I was with Tom Joyner as that time, so I booked a cruise for her and her husband. You know, she’s married to T-Boz’s uncle. Then, after the documentary came out, I had to book them on another cruise. She was devastated. She put Left Eye’s assistant Stephanie with me when Left Eye died and said, ‘I need for Stephanie to be with you to help you.’ So I knew a lot that was going on.”

It looks like the TLC controversy won’t be dying down anytime soon.

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